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Mauritius is the perfect place for all kinds of water sports. Water skiing, surfing and snorkeling hotels are most often offered for free.

The turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean, white sand, rich underwater world and high level of service make Mauritius a real paradise for lovers of extreme sensations and lovers of high-quality rest

A small island located near Madagascar, in recent years has become a place of elite luxury holidays. A quick change of weather in Mauritius is not uncommon, so you should take with you not only light things, but also windbreakers with raincoats. The rains, though short, are strong. Also highly recommended for use are sunglasses and creams (the insolation level in Mauritius is very high even on cloudy days), durable shoes and beach slippers (there are fragments of corals).

Here the infrastructure of entertainment is quite well developed, almost all kinds of water sports, fishing in the open sea, diving and much more are represented. In the east of the island is Belle-Mar Beach with deep lagoons and calm waters. Beach Pereybere in the southwest is considered the most "rave" on the island. In the southern part of the island, the hilly coast gives way to the beach of Trois-d'Ou Douce, which stretches a wide strip of the finest sand for 11 km. Nudism in Mauritius is prohibited.

One of the best experiences to get in Mauritius is to meet the sunset on the beach. As if on schedule, at 18:00 the sun disappears into the clear ocean waters on the west coast of the island. Advanced travelers come to watch it with their chairs and sit at sunset, sipping wine or coconut juice and enjoying the picture. Accommodation in Mauritius is very expensive, but if you want you can find a suitable option. Local cuisine is a mixture of Indian, French and English, reflecting the history of Mauritius. Its base is rice and curry. The local coconut milk cocktail with rum and a slice of lime is also good.

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Mauritius flights. Aerial view of Mauritius island with clouds. Mauritius vacations.
Vacation: ideas, destinations and planning. Fishing boats can be hired in almost all hotels on the island, but in the high season, it may be worthwhile to book a boat in advance. Soudan Bank is an underwater mountain with a top at a depth of about 50 meters (25 meters at the highest point), on the border of the plateau goes up to three kilometers. The plateau is located at a distance of 180 kilometers from Mauritius. Due to the great remoteness from populated areas and the bottom relief, Sudan Plateau is considered ideal for catching such fish as blue and black marlin, wahoo, yellowfin and dog-toothed tuna. On average, each boat catches about 200 kg of fish per day.

Mauritius can compete with the best diving centers thanks to its charming underwater landscapes, amazing underwater fauna and flora

The island of Mauritius will forever conquer you with a cocktail of unusual impressions and sensations, be it a distant mountain path or a secluded beach. One of the main wonders of the island is the multi-colored land "Chamarel". This unique place consists of sand dunes of seven colors, and if they are mixed, then after a few hours the boundaries between the sands will be restored again.

Take a walk on the endless beach of Flic-en-Flac. Only the ocean, the sky and the sand, stretching away, as you can see. Along the coastline of Flic-en-Flac, tourists walk slowly or go jogging. On the shore grow southern pines with long (up to 20 cm) needles. Under the feet, small sandy crabs are snooping around, which have equipped their minks in the sand a few meters from the sea.

Tourists love to see the seven colors of the Chamarel sands and the seven colors of the rainbow in the waters of the Chamarel falls. Sands Chamarel - a unique phenomenon. Some say it's just a mountain of dirt. At first you might think so too. But then the sands will play with different colors: from blue and greenish-marsh to coral and yellowish ocher. Against the backdrop of towering mountains in the distance - this is an absolutely amazing sight. The uniqueness of the sand is also in the fact that the colors do not mix under the influence of rain or wind.

Mauritius is a paradise for lovers of deep-sea fishing. In coastal waters, it is possible to catch various types of marlin and tuna, sailfish, dorado, barracuda and several species of sharks. The largest predators such as the Blue Marlin approach the island from November to April and very often until May. Mauritius holds several world records for the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) reports, including a Mako shark weighing 502 kilograms, a blue shark weighing 180 kilograms, a mackerel 18.6 kilograms, and white tuna 100.8 kilograms. Other specimens caught include blue marlin 643.5 and 610 kilograms and yellow tuna weighing 95.4 kilograms.

In the southern part of the Indian Ocean, not far from the island of Madagascar is Mauritius - a fabulous island with a wide strip of white sandy beaches, where you can come at any time of the year. The nature of Mauritius surprises and delights - there is a place for coral reefs and extinct volcanoes. There are about a hundred luxury hotels on the island, each of which is like a small town with its own bars, restaurants, swimming pools, hairdressers, SPA-salons, gyms, water entertainment centers and shops. Holidays in Mauritius are highly valued among respectable Europeans, so you can take riding lessons, tennis and golf here. But Mauritius is not only exotic with an aristocratic twist, but also an amazing mix of traditions and cultures. Buddhists and Christians, Muslims and Hindus get along peacefully on the island. No wonder he is called the small model of paradise on Earth.

More than three years of research on plankton prevailing in ocean waters has helped scientists establish a curious fact. It turned out that fifty percent of the total mass of oxygen is produced by plankton. In total, during a long study, scientists carefully studied over two hundred different points with rapidly spreading plankton. In addition, scientists have established facts of the mutual action of plankton, which is not the food of large mammals. Researchers believe that plankton is more important for humans than for oceanic mammals of whales, sharks and other fish.

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