Metate Arch, Devils Garden

Arches National Park in the USA

The stone beauties of Arches Park are made of sandstone

Arches are the park's business card, which gave it a name. There are about two thousand of them in the park and they are all so different: elegant, massive, very thin, cracked, double and all sorts of others. Tourists, these formations cause special delight.

Quartz grains are held together by silicate or lime cement and covered with iron compounds that paint rocks in different colors. Devil's Garden is one of the most picturesque and sight-seeing parts of Arches National Park. Here you can walk and enjoy plenty of dozens of great photos. It is for this purpose that a fascinating devilish pathway has been laid, which can be traversed in whole or in part by reaching one or another arch.

The process of forming the arches did not stop, but continues unabated. Despite the fact that erosion and weathering proceed extremely slowly, nevertheless, one can witness the formation of a new arch or the destruction of the old one. You just need to be at the right time in the right place. According to the statistics of observations since the foundation of the Arches National Park in 1971, 42 arches collapsed in the park.

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Metate Arch, Devils Garden

Lots of stone arches and columns enliven the Utah deserts with rainbow colors

Rarely any tourist exploring the sights of Utah will miss Arches National Park. The park promises to show in abundance a unique phenomenon - natural sandstone arches created by nature itself. In other parks, they are also found, but in such numbers nowhere else they can not see. Just imagine, 2000 thousands of arches in one area. Although, the tourists are invited only a small part of them, but certainly the most interesting. Some specimens even gained world fame.

The territory of the Arches National Park is relatively small, its area is 309 square kilometers, which is quite modest compared to other US national parks. Such a small size of the park allows you to briefly inspect it for a short period of time, literally half a day, which is especially important for travelers who do not have an unlimited amount of time.

Devils Garden is the farthest part of the park, which can be reached by ordinary car. There is a small camping site for 52 places (to take a place in it, you must book it in advance by phone or on the website of the national park). From here the trails of different lengths and complexity to the arches begin.

An important prerequisite for the development of the tourism industry in the United States is not only natural resources, but also world-famous cultural attractions. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in educational tours around the country. According to available estimates, "historical" tourism occupies about 10% of the US tourist market and is developing more actively than other types. The main cultural and historical potential is concentrated in large cities with their modern architecture, rich museum collections, developed entertainment industry.

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