Mexico resorts. Colorful Mexican hats and shawls display. Mexico vacations

What can you buy to keep good memories of your holiday for a long time?

What souvenirs to buy in Mexico? What to bring from Mexico? What is being brought from Mexico? Souvenirs of Mexico

Going on a long journey, every tourist tries to imagine what awaits there in mysterious and sunny Mexico, and arriving here - what to tell family and friends as a story, a fairy tale, and impressions from a country of mysterious Indians and proud Mexicans. Every tourist wants to take at least a piece of sunny and joyful Mexico with him. But how to do it? Of course, buy a souvenir that will remind you of the warm Mexican days for a long, long time.

There are many markets in Mexico. In each city there is at least one, and most often several. There are specialized markets, specifically for tourists, where they sell some souvenirs, and at inflated prices. There are only grocery, which tourists often drop in to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. But most often in the same market you can buy everything in the world, starting with souvenirs, ending with fresh meat.

Mexico is a paradise for tourists. And buying souvenirs is a must-see holiday for anyone in this paradise. What gifts will warm the hearts of your dear people or will they remind you for a long time about a distant exotic country, so unlike your homeland? Remember that buying souvenirs or food in popular tourist places you pay a completely different price than you could pay if you look for at least a few other options.

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Mexico resorts. Colorful Mexican hats and shawls display. Mexico vacations.

List of souvenirs from Mexico, which is worth bringing as souvenirs and gifts from Mexico

Mexican sombreros and Panamas: the scorching Mexican sun prompted the natives of Central America to invent one of the brightest and invariable attributes of clothing - a wide-brimmed sombrero hat. Tequila from Mexico: there is a misconception that tequila is made from cacti, but in fact, it is made from the juice of a prickly plant of the asparagus family growing in the central part and in the south-west of the country - blue agave. The drink may be pure or with the addition of various ingredients, such as water, sugar, caramel, etc.

Products from obsidian: Mexico has the richest deposits of obsidian, a volcanic mineral from which various products, souvenirs and jewelry are made. The most popular souvenir is an Aztec knife with an obsidian blade and a handle in the form of an eagle's head. Hammock is a great purchase for those who decide what can be brought from Mexico. Bright, colorful, durable, made from natural materials by the hands of those who are professionals in their work - hammocks will not only remind sunny Mexico, but also give pleasure to all family members. It's so nice on a warm evening to sway in a hammock among the green trees somewhere in the country. And in the cold season, a hammock can be placed in the house instead of an additional sofa.

Many tourists want to buy silver jewelry, as Mexican silver is very valued for its quality. Local craftsmen make not only all kinds of jewelry for men and women, but also various cutlery, including amazingly beautiful bowls and cups, as well as mirrors, jewelry boxes, figurines in the form of animals and people.

Copies of historical monuments of Aztecs, masks: in the territory of modern Mexico in ancient times there were many Indian tribes with their own special culture, beliefs and way of life. Nowadays, in the markets of the country one can find various products, one way or another connected with the history of these amazing tribes. It is worth buying something truly Indian, for example, copies of the pyramids of Chichen Itza or Uxmal, masks, costumes, pumpkin dishes, etc.

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