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Is there a key to a happy and harmonious life?

If the key to a happy and harmonious life exists, how can we find it?

Buddhist monks have long known the answer to this question. For more than 2,000 years, they have been trying to show us how to reduce the level of human suffering, negative energy and find inner peace by focusing on the present. However, inner peace and happiness are impermanent states, so we need to learn how to restore them regularly and take care of them. And for this it is worthwhile to accept several important principles and habits of the happy and peaceful life of Buddhist monks.

Did you know that Buddha was a prince? He could live his life in material wealth, but did not do it. The Buddha gave up everything when he realized the unpleasant nature of material things, and the fact that they prevent him from finding inner peace. And even thousands of years later, Buddhist monks support the choice of their Teacher. The truth is that many of us, as if possessed, tend to accumulate as many unnecessary things as possible. But by becoming attached to the superficial advantages of the material world, we are incapable of spiritual development, and this is the ultimate goal in Buddhism.

To relieve stress and bring peace to your life, you need to learn how to soothe your brain. Buddhist monks meditate daily, always keeping to their routine. They wake up as early as possible, meditate for 3 hours, and then repeat the same thing in the evening. Of course, you are not obliged to observe such a busy schedule, but you can gather strength and start devoting 15-30 minutes a day to meditation, making it part of your routine instead of watching television and surfing the Internet for many hours. Meditation classes will undoubtedly be useful for your life.

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Monky praying
Everything is subject to change. Our appearance, behavior, relationships, environment - everything. According to the Buddhist master Suzuki, one cannot attain absolute peace without accepting the fact that everything in this world is changing. And yet we are firmly attached to things, and when faced with any changes, we cannot accept them and therefore we suffer. That is why it is so important to understand that everything connected with our consciousness comes and goes, even our own thoughts. We must understand that there is only a moment. Knowing this, in any situation that causes our anxiety, anger, fear or sadness, we can get rid of negative emotions.

When you understand the transience of everything that surrounds you, you begin to let go of things and enjoy the world it is

Buddhist monks are taught to do everything for the benefit of other people, not for their own sake. When a monk meditates, he does it for each of us. Buddhists are trying to achieve enlightenment in order to reach their full potential and get the opportunity to help everyone who needs it. If you cultivate the same altruistic approach to life, you will cease to depend so strongly on the world of material wealth.

And ultimately you will know the inner world. As a rule, people tend to condemn others. When we talk with someone, we listen to the interlocutor with the purpose of answering him, not for the sake of understanding what he is talking about or to learn something from him. Condemning someone, we thereby create a distorted view of a person, which is bad both for him and for ourselves.

Buddhists believe that the main goal and benefits of communication come in the form of attentiveness to the interlocutor and the absence of condemnation, which helps to understand what is heard and replenish their stock of knowledge. They believe in the ability to understand other people through conscious attentiveness, and not through evaluation and criticism.

Some people find it very difficult to live in the present, enjoying the beauty of every moment. We often think about the events of the past and worry about the future. But with the help of the practice of mindfulness, you can redirect the focus of your attention and thoughts back to the feelings and what we are doing now. You live here and now. There is no benefit from the fact that we will focus on the past, because it often brings us nothing but regrets, or the future, which torments us with its uncertainty. To understand the true meaning of your existence and fill your life with happiness and peace, it is very important to learn to live and appreciate every moment of the present.

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