Monaco vacation. Rear view of the Monte Carlo Casino featuring the casino gardens. Monaco tours

Although Monaco is not part of the European Union, its currency is the euro

A city-state associated with luxurious life and absolute tranquility and annually attracting millions of tourists

Monegasques are accustomed to high standards of living that honor traditional values. What brings revenue to this state of 2 square kilometers? Gambling, real estate and tax benefits for residents. What is in the first place is difficult to say, the concept is changing. The main rule before visiting a casino is to decide for yourself how much money you are ready to lose (since it is unlikely to win.) And do not spend a penny more. Then it will be easier for you to accept the loss that you designated for yourself in advance and not to grieve and be killed about this.

The casino in Monte Carlo is the first gambling house in Europe, it is often called the visiting card of Monaco. Located in the very center of the principality, it is immediately struck by visitors and tourists. You can walk on Monaco, this is a very small country. The official language of Monaco is French. You can often hear the Monegasque dialect - a peculiar mixture of French and Italian, spoken by about 20% of the population. Also, residents of Monaco can speak Italian or English. In Monaco, luxury is the norm of life, so there are many shops where high fashion items are presented, coming here directly from the world podiums. This applies to everything: clothing, shoes, jewelry, perfumes.

That casino in its time brought the principality of its fame and wealth. In the middle of the XIX century, entrepreneur Francois Blanc opened a gambling house on the rocky cliffs of Monaco, around which the city of Monte-Carlo quickly grew with its gardens, beaches, hotels, seaport and railway. Since card games and roulette were banned in many other countries of the world, and Las Vegas in its current form did not exist at all, the casino in Monaco quickly became the favorite vacation spot of many world famous rich people. Coming here, they left a six-figure amount in hotels, restaurants and casinos - the income from the gambling business increased the state budget of Monaco.

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Monaco vacation. Rear view of the Monte Carlo Casino featuring the casino gardens. Monaco tours.
Monaco is a small but multi-level country. For the convenience of pedestrians, seven elevator escalators were built, where you can climb from the embankment to the old town. You can travel around Monaco by bus. There are only three intra-city routes, they follow a strict schedule and quite rarely - about once every half hour. There are five tourist routes in Monaco.

The proud dwarf state of Monaco is one of a kind

Getting to the Casino is not so easy, even if you do not want to become a participant in gambling and replenish the treasury of Monaco. You will not be allowed if you do not comply with the dress code: shorts, tracksuits, flip flops and all that stuff are not the best choice. Religious vestments and military uniforms are also banned. You will not be allowed inside with children who are under 18.

The indigenous inhabitants of Monaco - Monegasque - in the dwarf principality no more than 40% of the total population. It is very difficult to get citizenship of Monaco, but it is probably worth it: the indigenous people do not pay taxes, have the exclusive right to live in the old city and enjoy other privileges. Monaco is the quintessence of the Cote d'Azur luxury, so is it any wonder that everything in the principality costs fabulous money: for the simplest pleasures of life, such as a banal lunch overlooking the sea, you will have to pay at least a hundred euros per person.

Please note that among other coins you can get Euro Monaco. They are not often met and are devoted to memorable events for the principality, for example, the twentieth anniversary of the entry of the principality into the UN. Do not rush to pay such money, they can be an excellent souvenir. In the gastronomic sphere, Monaco has fallen under the influence of its neighbors - first of all, France and Italy. Most of the "national" dishes of the principality are borrowed from these countries. In everyday life, Monegasques eat a lot of fish and seafood (good, the sea is at their side), as well as fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to the attraction of foreign capital and the active construction of Monaco, it is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet - almost 36 thousand people live in the principality. About half of them - the French, a quarter - the indigenous population of Monaco, Monegasques, and the remaining residents represent 125 different nationalities. Today, Monaco exists mainly due to tourism, construction and a large number of foreign resident companies. Gambling Monaco brings much less income than in the old days, although the casino, of course, still has great symbolic value for the country of big money.

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