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"The place between the rocks, where there are no trees," is the name of the valley of famous rock towers that rise above rusty red sand in the language of Native Americans

Monument Valley is located on the Colorado Plateau, along the borders of Arizona and Utah, on the territory of the Navajo Indian Reservation. The valley is one of the national symbols of the United States, and one of the country's most famous tourist attractions. Monument Valley is located at 5564 feet (1700 meters) above sea level. The total area is 91696 acres (371 square kilometers). Monument Valley is a unique geological formation created by nature, without human intervention. It is a sublime plain, the upper layer of which consisted of soft sedimentary rocks.

During the Mesozoic era (252 million years - up to 66.0 million years ago), on the place of the Colorado Plateau was the sea, the bottom of which consisted of clusters of sandy layers. At the end of this era, tectonic processes changed the Earth's surface, and the seabed rose up to form a plateau. The soft rocks were eroded and weathered until only the outcrops of rock, consisting of denser layers of red sandstone, remained above the plain.

The largest number of national parks and natural monuments of the United States are concentrated on the Colorado Plateau, including Grand Canyon, Canyonlands and Petrified Forest. Monument Valley is one of them: it is located on the territory of the reservation of the Navajo Indian tribe and is famous for its unique scenic landscapes that make this place atmospheric and special. A striking natural masterpiece is the desert dotted with a series of huge red sandstone outcroppings. The most outstanding rocks have their own names.

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Monument Valley, USA
It should be noted that the Monument Valley is only a small part of the Navajo Tribal Park National Park. In total, the Navajo Indians own a vast territory - 7 million hectares, located in the southwestern United States (in the states of Arizona and New Mexico). Monument Valley is two colors: blue and red. Very juicy park. The main thing to get here at the right time and in good weather.

Monument Valley is one of the main natural attractions of America and one of the symbols of the United States

How the Monument Valley was formed, geologists identified in the XIX century. For 50 million years, the natural forces of wind and water were engaged in cutting and peeling the plateau. As a result, the upper layer was completely destroyed, but a number of outcrops remained above the flat surface, composed of red sandstone less prone to weathering.

Scientists studying the Monument Valley distinguish several types of rocks: Mesa - the remnants of the mesas; the rock decreases, becomes thinner and acquiring the relief - Butte; and Spire is the last stage when the rock looks like a spire. The surest way to get to know Monument Valley is to drive a car along a scenic road or Scenic Drive. This road passes between the red sandstone outcrops, which turned out to be more resistant to the effects of the wind than the soft rocks surrounding them. As you can see, the wind tried again here, creating freakish figures that now attract crowds of tourists.

Sanik Drive is 27 kilometers of dirt road, which starts from the parking lot next to The View Hotel. Keep in mind that in rainy weather the road may be blurred. It is not too comfortable to drive on it in a passenger car, especially at the beginning, where you have to overcome a rather steep descent, and then there are often unpleasant holes.

In the eyes of the world community (especially for a European tourist), the cultural and historical potential of the United States is not so obvious due to the relative brevity of their history, but the heritage of the indigenous peoples of North America, the monuments of the Wild West exploration, as well as the historic quarters of New York, Boston, New Orleans and A number of other cities in the country are still very attractive for foreign tourists. In addition, Americans know how to make even those who are far from history visit a historical monument: you have to give the tourist what he longs for most - entertainment. If instead of a boring historical lecture to make a costume show, then there will be no release from visitors.

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