Moorea hotels, Tahiti. Palm trees hanging over stunning hotel pool with rocks. Moorea island, French Polynesia resort

Moorea is the closest resort island of French Polynesia to the capital island of Tahiti

The island of Moorea is volcanic. It is surrounded by a sort of "fence" of motu - small shoals and islands, of coral origin. Thanks to him, the water inside is quiet, clean and warm

French Polynesia is the dream of every tourist about endless snow-white beaches, crystal clear coastal waters and lush tropical greenery. Prices for tours to French Polynesia are quite high, but they are fully justified. Tourists who have already visited many points of the world, as well as newlyweds to hold a wedding ceremony in a paradise place like to come here. And, of course, an incredible expanse here opens for divers.

Entertainment and attractions of Moorea: a sightseeing tour of the island in jeeps, a spectacular performance Fire Dance in the Polynesian village Tiki village. For lovers of thrills: an excursion "Shark feeling" (feeding sharks from the hands), a walk along the seabed in a spacesuit. Helicopter tour, fishing, canoeing or a boat with a transparent bottom.

Here you can organize a magnificent wedding on the azure shores, feed the sharks from your hand, enjoy walking on the seabed, drink the local champagne from half a coconut shell, visit a dolphin show and swim with these marine mammals, get a lot of positive emotions from a canoe with a transparent bottom Well, and, of course, swim in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. And try the authentic Polynesian cuisine.

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Moorea hotels, Tahiti. Palm trees hanging over stunning hotel pool with rocks. Moorea island, French Polynesia resort

Holidays with children on the island of Moorea. The perfection and shape of the island attracts tourists at any time of the year

The island of Moorea is located in French Polynesia, and in translation its name means - The Island of the Yellow Lizard. This beautiful and picturesque island is located 17 kilometers from the famous island of Tahiti. From the height it can be seen that Moorea has the shape of a heart, and he is also considered the most environmentally friendly in French Polynesia.

Tourists are attracted by tropical nature, clean beaches, excellent conditions for diving and windsurfing, sea fishing and the Dolphin Show, where you can even swim with these marine mammals. The island of Moorea is not just an ordinary resting place of French Polynesia, it has its own unique features and traditions. Nature itself has foreseen its basic purpose, having made it in the shape of a heart. Wedding ceremonies on the island are really very beautiful.

Moorea is surrounded by various bays. The largest of them are Cook and Opunohu. The water in the harbors has a gentle turquoise color. And beaches with white sand annually attract tourists from all over the world. The waters around the paradise shores are littered with tiny islets called mota and coral reefs.

Of course, cordial relationships are not the only factor for a tourist trip to this charming corner of the Pacific Ocean. Here the nature of the tropics is green in all its glory, the beaches sparkling with the purest sand, there are ideal conditions for diving, stormy waves are rising, simply attracting windsurfers. In addition, the island of Moorea is a desirable place for anglers, and those who adore marine mammals are invited to the "Dolphin Show", where you can not only admire intelligent animals, but even swim with them.

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