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View of the building of the House of Music at night. Moscow, Russia.

The house of music was built on the initiative of an outstanding musician and public figure Vladimir Spivakov

The Moscow House of Music is located in the Moscow region called "on the Red Hills" and is the undoubted architectural dominant of this area. The House of Music on the Red Hills was built in 2002 and is a 10-minute walk from the Paveletskaya metro station. His ten-story building is built into a complex of office buildings located directly on the east end of Baltschug Island. The building of the House of Music from the outside is rather peculiar in its architecture.

The building dominates the surrounding landscape, all the walls are glass and in all directions offer stunning views of the surrounding cityscapes: the Moscow River, the Novospassky and Big Krasnokholmsky bridges, the Novospassky monastery, the park at the foot of the building, the Swissotel and a kind of modern architectural composition in front of the main entrance to the building of the House of Music, dedicated to music. With the onset of darkness, all these pictures in addition are beautifully highlighted.

The protruding stairs of the building with panoramic glass fences are especially impressive when your look does not interfere with anything, and you get the feeling that there are no fences in front of you, and the stairs soars in the air, and in height this is, for a minute, ten standard floors. Below are some photos taken from these stairs. Very interesting lighting inside the building is obtained closer to sunset, when almost horizontal rays of the setting sun penetrate the building through.

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Moscow House Of Music
Music, as well as space is incomprehensible, probably, that is why so many motives connected with space are present in the ideas of the House of Music. And the building in the style of high-tech glass and metal and similar to the spacecraft interior and sculptural composition at the entrance, reminiscent of a space satellite.

Moscow International House of Music

In the three halls of the Moscow International House of Music complex - Svetlanovsky, Chamber and Theater - concerts and performances, major international forums and evenings, presentations and holiday shows, conferences and corporate meetings are held. The best Russian and world musicians perform at the Moscow House of Music today. Twice a year in spring and autumn on the stage of the House of Music are so-called. "European Seasons", the traditions of which were laid in the 18th century by Empress Anna Ioannovna, when she began inviting the best European musicians to the Russian court.

The building of the House of Music is crowned with the emblem of the authorship of Zurab Tsereteli in the form of a treble clef-vane with a height of 9.5 meters and a weight of more than 6 tons. The design is made of stainless steel, and the treble clef is covered with gold leaf. A special roller mechanism allows this heaviest mechanism to rotate freely like a normal weather vane. Today the House of Music is a special place, with its own face, concept, its own model of concert activity. The variety of programs from year to year best emphasizes the uniqueness of the artistic space of this universal concert venue, responding to its international status - the International Center for the Performing Arts.

Moscow is the main tourist center of Russia. Moscow is a city with a rich culture and history, a place of intersection of great opportunities and bright contrasts. Quiet old courtyards and narrow streets of Moscow coexist with huge modern business centers, such as Moscow-City, and densely populated residential areas border with extensive old parks. The city offers unparalleled opportunities for free tourism: from modern art galleries, architectural monuments and world-famous sights to fascinating hiking.

There are about 160 theaters and cultural centers in Moscow, several hundred museums and art galleries, the largest of which, such as the Tretyakov Gallery, have impressive collections. Excursions in Moscow include visits to museums, reserves and old architectural complexes, galleries and mansions, walks through city parks and streets. The popularity of Moscow among tourists all over the world is growing every year.

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