Burma travel Myanmar. Sandanami paya in Mandalay, Myanmar tours Burma

Mandalay: a route for a day on city sights

In Sandamuni, the central golden stupa is surrounded by shrines with white stone stupas erected on their roofs, topped with traditional hti spiers

The main religion in Myanmar is Buddhism, which is practiced by an absolute majority of Myanmar residents - about 89%. There are also Christians and Muslims (4% each), as well as Hindus. Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, which is known worldwide as the center of Buddhism.

Sandamuni Paya pagoda. The central gilded stupa is surrounded by 1774 white stupas with Buddhist postulates. There are unhurried winds, swinging thousands of bells. Perhaps this is the music of humility and complete satisfaction with life, which, alas, is one continuous suffering, according to the Buddha. Sandamuni Paya is located at the foot of Mandalay Hill, near Kutodo Paya.

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Burma travel Myanmar. Sandanami paya in Mandalay, Myanmar tours Burma.

Sandamuni Pagoda is famous for the largest iron statue of Buddha in Myanmar that was cast in 1802 under King Bodopaya

The city was founded in 1857 by King Mindon, and from 1860 to 1885. was the capital of the independent kingdom of Burmese, while in 1885 was not occupied by British troops. Mandalay was originally built as a capital city at the foot of the Mandalay Hill (236 meters high), in accordance with the Buddha's prophecy that the city, the center of Buddhism, should grow in this place.

The foundation itself was timed to the 2400th anniversary of the birth of Buddha Gautama. The population of Myanmar is heterogeneous and is a union of many ethnic groups. In addition to the indigenous Burmese, there are various ethnic and national minorities living in the country, having their own cultures and speaking their own languages, including ethnic Chinese and Indians who immigrated to Myanmar during the colonial period, as well as the Muslim people of Rohingya.

The total number of Myanmar residents is about 62 million. The city of Amarapura is famous primarily for the fact that it contains the largest book on the planet. This book is carved in stone and consists of 729 marble slabs. Each page is kept in a separate pavilion of the Kutodav Paya complex, and together they add up to the Tripitaki text - a set of sacred texts of Buddhism.

Myanmar is an extraordinary collection of ancient values and cultural heritage. Ancient Burma, Myanmar - this is an unusual number of Buddhist sights, the delightful nature of Asia and small, but remote resorts. The Shwedagon Pagoda and the beaches of Ngapali, rest on Inle Lake and ecotourism are all about Myanmar.

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