Japan travel. View of Nagoya Castle under blue sky. Japan tours

Nagoya Castle was built in 1612 as a residence for Yoshinao Tokugawa - son of Ieyasu Tokugawa

Today this castle is a symbol of the city, one of the hundred best castles in Japan

In the west of the Japanese prefecture of Aichi is the city of Nagoya. This is a large city, which is associated with important milestones in the rich and turbulent history of the country. If you choose to rest in Japan, then you should definitely visit the famous ancient castle located here. The monumental structure, which is included in the list of national treasures, was completely destroyed by the US Army during World War II. Money for the restoration of buildings collected ordinary residents.

Restoration of the castle complex continues thanks to the efforts of the Agency for Cultural Affairs under the Ministry of Sport, Education and Culture of Japan Your impression of Japan will be incomplete if you do not visit this stunning castle. The five-tier main tower of Nagoya Castle was crowned with a roof with golden syatihoko, which glittered in the sun and were visible several kilometers from the city. Syatihokho are figures of mythological animals in the form of a dolphin with a tiger's head, they were a traditional decoration, a guardian of Japanese temples and castles, designed to protect property from fires and other disasters.

For the stone foundation of the donjon (the central tower of the castle), built according to the design of Kato Kiyomasa, huge boulders were brought in from the whole province. Each of the shogun's vassals considered it an honor to pass on a huge stone for the construction of the castle, therefore many emblems of feudal clans were carved on many stones. In the halls of this ancient castle you will be presented with various historical artifacts whose age is hundreds of years. On the territory around the castle is a beautiful park with many different trees.

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Japan travel. View of Nagoya Castle under blue sky. Japan tours

The castle consists of seven floors, which houses Nagoya City History Museum and temporary exhibitions

The territory of the castle consisted of five courtyards, in one of them was the palace of the ruler, in which he received the distinguished guests. Near the castle, the largest garden by the standards of that time was laid out. The height of the main tower of the castle reaches 48 meters. From the top floor of the castle you will enjoy a magnificent view of the modern city. Nagoya is one of the largest cities in Japan and for many years enjoys the well-deserved attention of tourists from around the world.

Japanese language consists of several levels of courtesy: conversational, respectful, polite and very polite. Women almost always speak a respectful language, men speak colloquially. In Japanese, months have no names; instead, they are denoted by ordinal numbers. For example, September is Kugatsu, which means "ninth month". In Japan, men are always the first to serve. In a restaurant, a man first leaves an order, and he is first brought a drink. The stores always first greet with a man.

In Japan, it is not customary to tip. This is a nice moment. Yes, in Japan they don't give tips almost anywhere - in cafes, restaurants, bars, taxis it's not acceptable to add a coin to the bill and it can even offend. In the cafe, by the way, they don't bring the bill - you have to go to the checkout and pay there, they won't run up to the table for money. But on top of that, nothing will be taken from you.

In Japan, it is not customary to leave food unfinished. Food taken to eat up. In particular, rice, which used to be expensive and affordable only to the rich classes. Yes, the portions are often not too large, Japanese cuisine is very tasty - usually it is not a special problem to finish your lunch. Throwing food prepared for you - disrespect for the entire production chain. Food in general in Japan is treated very carefully, from the cultivation of vegetables to the serving of food on the table.

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