Naples, Campania, Italy. Naples is a charming piece of paradise, lost in Italy

Naples is a popular, historic, beach, picturesque city of Italy

Naples is the largest city in the region of Southern Italy. The architectural appearance of the city is unique, because it has absorbed the cultural traditions of several states

Historical heritage of a multicultural city. Naples is built on contrasts - that is why its historical center has earned a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Italian resort city of Naples is the center of authentic monuments of architecture and culture. The reason for this is an eventful history. In the Roman, Byzantine and Sicilian periods, Naples acquired many places of interest. The capital of Campania is universal. In winter, it is customary to enjoy a rich excursion program, in summer - active holidays on the beaches of the Neapolitan Riviera.

The administrative center of the region of Campania and the province of the same name towers on the coast of the Gulf of Naples. Here, admiring the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea, painter Ayvazovsky created his masterpieces of painting. The pearl of southern Italy is also famous for its developed beach tourism, largely due to the crystal waters of the bay. Explore the best beaches of Naples, where you will find paradise rest. In Naples, there are no areas that would not be interesting to the traveler. As they were formed historically, each single quarter is like a small country, with its own original features.

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe, owes its origin to both the first Greek settlers, the mysterious Etruscans, the local Osk people, and the Romans. For these rich, fertilized with ashes of the land of Vesuvius, Byzantines, Normans and French, Spaniards and Austrians came to fight. Under the Bourbons, Naples became part of the united Italian Kingdom. With mother's milk, this people absorbed the culture of many nations. And the unique knowledge of wildlife, left to people by the famous Greek Sibyl, is used in everyday life today. Naples is a city of people in love, cheerful and sympathetic, musical and charming crooks. They, living next to the terrible Vesuvius, so are able to appreciate each coming day, and this is a bright sun, and this indescribable smell of the sea and pizza cooked on firewood.

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Naples, Campania, Italy
If you want to save on art, come to Naples on the first Sunday of the month. On this day, the state Italian museums are open to visitors for free. If you act in a disciplined way, then it is quite possible to visit the archaeological museum in Naples and the neighboring ruins in Herculaneum and Pompeii during a free day. In terms of food, Naples is a simple and inexpensive city. Pizza "Margarita", which was invented here, is worth a try for the sake of decency.

The Italian word napolitudine, the melancholy felt by everyone who leaves Naples, speaks about the beauty and originality of the city

The local atmosphere favors sightseeing tourism - it is a fact. Guests of Naples prefer to explore the city on their own. The pedestrian route combines classic sightseeing and a tour of the city's districts, where life is in full swing, but travelers rarely show up. ArteCard - the choice of tourists who want to reduce the cost of travel is not to the detriment of a rich excursion program. This discount card provides benefits for visiting famous Neapolitan museums. Moreover, the ArteCard serves as a public transport ticket. The cost of living is largely determined by the area of the city. Accommodation in the Neapolitan Riviera is the most expensive.

Formerly, a Greek colony was founded on the site of modern Naples, founded in the 8th century BC. Naples is also a gourmet's dream. The national cuisine of Naples is represented by seafood, vegetable stews and, of course, pizza. Their taste palette is skillfully complemented by ham and cheese - and that's not counting tomatoes, eggplants, olives and other gifts from the Italian land. In general, most of the traditional dishes served in institutions of the city resemble masterpieces of Sicilian cuisine, generously seasoned with hints of Neapolitan flavor. There is not enough sightseeing and exploring local cuisine to fully explore the city. When planning a trip and thinking about how to relax in Naples, do not lose sight of the local celebrations. This region of Italy is considered Earthquake-prone due to the proximity of Vesuvius.

Conflictable Naples: love, hate, everything to see. At first glance, Naples is a stupid, dirty and uncomfortable city. But if you do not give in to the first impression, then it will open before you and from its wonderful side. In Naples, one of the most powerful archaeological collections in the world. One feels the magic of attachment to a place: what is dug up here, in Pompeii and its surroundings, is represented. From mosaics and frescoes you are simply stupefying - although the people still break into the Secret Room, where ancient Roman pictures for adults are collected.

Vomero is a respectable hilly area, looking down on the close historical center. There are no millennial antiquities or architectural masterpieces, but there are amazing views of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and the whole city. The most amazing view opens from the site at the Pedamentina San Martino, which is near the church of the same name and the castle of Sant Elmo. Looking down, you will not be able to take your eyes off the panorama for a long time and even, perhaps, let Naples let go of all his sins.

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