Needles District, Canyonlands

Canyonlands in the USA - National Park in Utah

A huge area of semi-desert territory of Canyonlands Park is located at the confluence of the Green River and the Colorado River (Colorado River), indented with deep canyons

For many millions of years, these two rivers and their small tributaries created on the rocky plateau of the Colorado, consisting of multi-layered sandstone, a lot of colorful amazing geological formations and forms. It is here, next to Arches National Park, located one of the most interesting from the point of view of studying the geology of our planet is the US National Park - Canyonlands, which is a collection of works of nature and consists of three parts (Island in the Sky, The Maze and The Needles), each of which is separated from the other parts by a deep canyon and is distinguished by its topography and its unique sights.

The Needles Park area is visible from the Green River Overlook observation platform. It is located east of the Colorado River. The name was given to this district by scattered red-and-white stone columns. There are also other rock formations here - canyons, grabens, karst caves. Here are also a lot of natural arches. Moving from one section of the park to another is hampered by the lack of bridges over the canyons. Driving from one part of the park to another takes several hours by car, including off-road.

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Needles District, Canyonlands

The landscape of The Needles Park area is a collection of rock spiers, arches, canyons and caves

Named after the red-and-white striped sandstone spiers, the Needles area is located in the south-eastern part of the Canyonlands National Park. This is the lowest part of the park. Canyonlands is a popular recreation area. The geography of the park is very well suited for a varied holiday. Climbing, hiking, cycling. Rafting and kayaking are popular on the Green and Colorado Rivers. Both rivers upstream from the confluence are fairly calm, ideal for canoeing. Below the confluence of the Green River in Colorado, the nature of the current changes dramatically, numerous rapids appear, similar to the rapids and territories of the Grand Canyon.

The Needles Park offers tourists a wide range of tourist routes, provides the opportunity to travel this area by car and bike. Needles is a paradise for lovers of active leisure, and is popular with hikers. An extensive route network provides unlimited opportunities for day trips. Roads and trails lead to the main attractions of this part of the park: Angel Arch, Confluence Overlook, Elephant Hill Chesler Park. Climbers from all over the world come to the foot of the Indian Creek to test their skills on sheer cliffs.

For the convenience of a multi-day visit to Canyonlands Park, it has several campgrounds located in each of the three parts of its territory. It is most convenient to come to the park in the morning, choose a camping and take a place in it, and then go but sightseeing and go on a hike. You must have your own equipment for camping.

Due to the widespread use of cars in the early twentieth century, independent journeys became quite accessible to most people in the country. Tourism and excursions are extremely developed in the USA, where over 50 million travelers come annually. The three leaders in receiving foreign tourists among the countries of North and South America are Mexico and Brazil.

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