Neva river shore, Russia

Tours to St. Petersburg: trips to museums and attractions, a variety of excursions

St. Petersburg is an excellent option for New Year's holidays, short weekends or full holidays

All Russian cities are unique in their own way. And each of them attracts tourists with its sights and monuments. However, St. Petersburg is considered to be the most beautiful city in Russia. St. Petersburg is an open-air museum. The symbols of this Russian city are, for example, the Church of the Savior on Blood and St. Isaac's Cathedral. White nights and drawbridges over the Neva fascinate the eyes of residents and guests. St. Petersburg is located on 42 islands. In St. Petersburg, there are about twenty Orthodox cathedrals, hundreds of churches, Catholic and Protestant churches, among its inhabitants are adherents of more than two hundred and sixty denominations and religious associations.

The shortest list of things worth visiting in St. Petersburg: the Hermitage is the most popular and largest museum in the world along with the Prado and the Louvre. Here are more than 3 million exhibits. The Museum of the History of St. Petersburg includes the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Cathedral, the Trubetskoy Bastion. Entrance to the fortress is free. Summer House of Peter the Great has been preserved since the founding of the city. Here are the personal belongings of the ruler and documents.

The Kunstkamera is a unique museum with a unique exhibition relating to human anomalies. The cruiser Aurora is a legendary ship that played a large role in the two wars of the 20th century. and in the October Revolution. The mint is of great interest among numismatic lovers. Botanical Museum. V.L. Komarov. Admire rare plants, listen to interesting stories about the effect of flora on human life invites the main garden of the city. The Faberge Museum contains the world's largest collection of works by Carl Faberge. Maritime Museum tells about the history of the port since its inception.

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Neva river shore, Russia

On the banks of the Neva stretches amazingly beautiful city

The shortest list of possible excursions: Night bus tour with a boat trip. Tsarskoye Selo with a visit to the Catherine Palace and the Amber Room. Myths and legends of St. Petersburg. Walk on the ship "Northern Venice": rivers, canals and bridges. Big Peterhof: Big Palace, Small Museum, fountains of the Lower Park. Cruise "Northern islands of the Neva delta" with access to the Gulf of Finland. Night musical cruise "Romance of movable bridges". Orthodox churches of St. Petersburg. Excursion to Strelna and Konstantinovsky Palace. Journey to eight islands: excursion to the Ladoga skerries.

The city of St. Petersburg arose on the initiative of Peter I. The same emperor made a major contribution to the development of his brainchild. Until now, much of what was created on his instructions has survived in the northern capital. And all this is due to the fact that in the periods that took place after the creation of St. Petersburg wars, the defenders of the city always defended it. The air of the northern capital is saturated not only with patriotism, but also with romance. Pushkin, Dostoevsky and many other representatives of Russian culture lived and created their masterpieces here. Poems and novels were composed about this city, novels and short stories were written. It is not surprising that many travelers strive to touch the heritage of this unique land.

Traveling along the canals of St. Petersburg and along its rivers is a compulsory point of any program to visit the Northern capital. Only during the water excursion can you feel the spirit of the city. From board to boat or to the river tram, you can see St. Petersburg with very different eyes. From the water surface, the city looks quite different from the avenues and embankments.

Tourists who come to St. Petersburg, expect a lot of interesting historical sites, attractions and beautiful streets. For leisure travelers in the city there are many great hotels, restaurants, cafes and parks. - Read Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg will not be difficult, rental prices are available for any wallet. The best hotels in St. Petersburg amaze with comfort, service, location, luxury.

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