USA travel - New York City view. USA tours. New York City skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge

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Many tourists dream of visiting New York

Residents of the entire planet Earth almost from childhood see the United States almost daily on TV, on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers. We are brought up on American films and sometimes it even seems that we were in New York and will be able to walk through it with our eyes closed. Every third film shows us breathtaking views of Manhattan from a bird's eye view or the endless beaches of Los Angeles. The American dream. Everything is always cool there, everything is always the best there and there are so many people who admire America in absentia and dream of living there, making their conclusions only from pictures and movies.

New York is one of the largest megacities of the world. New York has everything for every taste. You can find any entertainment, restaurants of any cuisine, shops of everything that, in principle, can be sold. There are streets, where there is a distance of 10 meters between one and the other skyscraper and not a single bush and trees for whole blocks ahead, there are small and cozy parks, as well as a chic Central Park, where you can easily get lost, as in the densest forest here there are quiet residential quarters with doormen at the entrance and equally expensive lofts in old factories and factories, there are wooden quays and sandy beaches that are washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (I will not tire with details about the bays), there are areas where Representatives of only one or another nationality live with all the consequences - specific cuisine, places, entertainment.

Every year, summer on our planet sets new temperature records. So, July 2019 was the hottest month in the history of observations. Moreover, over the past 100 years, temperature increases have been observed across the globe. In the future, climate change will inevitably lead to extreme consequences. Especially hot weather will affect cities. Indeed, in cities climatic difficulties are often observed. Scientists predict that by 2050 the average temperature in many cities in the world will rise to 48 degrees Celsius (up to 120 Fahrenheit). Obviously, the heat will adversely affect human health, as experts have mentioned more than once.

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USA travel - New York City view. USA tours. New York City skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Who can survive global warming? Everyone has long known that the main cause of the occurrence of such a phenomenon as global warming is anthropogenic impact. Simply put, a person is to blame for the fact that the planet is gradually heating up. According to recent studies, even if we completely stop our impact on the environment, the process of climate change will not stop. Does this mean that we are facing complete extinction? And if so, then who on planet Earth can survive it?

A trip to New York is one of the most interesting travels in the United States

It is believed that in New York you should not come for 2-3 days, but it is worth staying at least a week in it in order to get to know him better and feel his spirit. Of course, it would be better to stay in New York for a month or two to leisurely stroll through the city and, in addition to sightseeing, visiting cafes and restaurants, carefully observe the life of the metropolis, noting all the details. But it will be too expensive, and not everyone has that much free time.

In New York there are a large number of attractions and many different museums, and theaters on Broadway give dozens of interesting performances every day. In contrast to Las Vegas with its world-famous circus shows and musical concerts, musicals and various theatrical performances are especially popular with the New York public. All tourists must visit Times Square in the center of Manhattan. And, of course, there is just a huge Central Park, where residents and visitors of the city love to spend their free time when the weather is good in New York.

The key to a successful trip to New York is the right choice of hotel to relax after exploring the city. It is located on several large islands, and if you look at the scheme of New York, you can see that its territory is quite large and includes 5 boroughs (districts): Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. They are all very different, and in terms of security it is best to stay in a hotel closer to the center, near the metro station.

Unlike relaxing in hotels in Miami right on the ocean, in New York there is no good beach holiday. This is a city of skyscrapers, so you should not count here to carelessly lie on the sand even in summer, despite the presence of several urban beaches. For this it is better to fly to the beaches of Los Angeles or book a hotel 5 stars in Hawaii. But while traveling to New York, you, like in Hollywood, will be able to meet a world celebrity, a popular actor or a TV show star (for example, while walking in Central Park, jogging with your beloved dog or right on the subway). This is another reason why tourists love New York so much.

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