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Architectural features of Notre Dame de Paris

For most people, Notre Dame is associated with a single Paris cathedral on the Isle of Cite

In fact, in Catholic France there are a lot of Notre Dame - temples dedicated to Our Lady. Among them are the modest rural churches, and the huge Gothic cathedrals - not as famous as the Paris namesake, but sometimes not inferior to it in the richness of history and architectural splendor.

Notre Dame de Paris is famous for its strict balance in everything, but when you look closely, you can see several asymmetric elements. This was envisioned and deliberately done to avoid monotony in accordance with standard gothic practice. These include several different forms of all the portals in the cathedral.

In 1841, work began on the full restoration of Notre Dame under the guidance of the famous architect and restorer Viollet-le-Duc. He was the one who owned the idea of the gallery of chimeras on the facade of the cathedral (in the Middle Ages there were no chimeras on Notre-Dame).

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France travel - Notre Dame de Paris at night. France tours - vacation travel photos

The main highlights of the cathedral include several spectacular windows, a treasure room and a bell tower

The cathedral was built on the place where the old churches used to be, but the Gallic cathedral was here for a long time. But modern Notre Dame, according to the designs of Maurice de Sally, was completed by the 14th century.

Notre Dame - the very heart of Paris. The distance of each part of the capital is often measured, counting it from the square next to the cathedral, where crowds gather in the afternoon to admire the facade.

Notre Dame de Paris stands on the island - the island of Cite. All Paris began with this island on the Seine. Today Notre Dame de Paris is experiencing hard times, unfortunately, its doors will be closed for a long time for tourists. Use this opportunity to discover new places in France that have been waiting for a little while in the shade.

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