Novgorod-the-Great. Russia. Veliky Novgorod

Journey to the north of Russia. Novgorod Kremlin.

Novgorod Kremlin is perhaps one of the most beautiful kremlins in Russia

Novgorod Kremlin is a museum - reserve of federal significance of Russia and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting the Novgorod Kremlin, you will come into contact with the history and culture of Ancient Russia, enjoy the beauty of architectural forms and wonderful views from the observation platforms of the towers and the belfry, and just relax, there are wonderful squares. The best view from the Novgorod Kremlin opens from the Volkhov River, if you approach it from the side of Lake Ilmen. Moreover, the spirit of a particularly emotional tourists already captures from the bell ringing, spreading over the water for many kilometers at a time when the walls of the Kremlin are not yet visible.

In Novgorod, as in Ryazan, Rostov, Moscow, Kazan, Astrakhan and a few other Russian cities, there is a Kremlin. And in this city it is the oldest in all of Russia, and it is also the northernmost. The first written mention of the Novgorod Kremlin dates back to 1044. For a long time he defended the north-western borders of Russia. The Kremlin is located on a hill above the Volkhov and occupies an impressive territory, the perimeter of its walls is 1,487 meters. The territory of the Kremlin has an elongated oval shape, its outlines resembling a bean.

The Kremlin was largely built and rebuilt in the heyday of artillery, it was she who was the main weapon of the defenders. On the towers, cannon and large-caliber fortress squeals were installed in several tiers, the location of the towers allowed in the most dangerous places to cross the fire successfully. Powerful fortress walls are impressively supported by defense units - thirteen towers. Four of them had access gates. Of the twelve towers that were located in Detinets of the 15th century, only nine have survived to our time: Spasskaya, Dvortsovaya, Knyazhaya, Kukui, Pokrovskaya, Zlatoustovskaya, Metropolitan, Fedorovskaya and Vladimirskaya.

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Novgorod-the-Great. Russia
The most ancient building of the Novgorod Kremlin and all of Novgorod the Great is the Cathedral of St. Sophia, one of the largest temples of pre-Mongol Russia. It was built in the years 1045-1050, just north of the burnt down shortly before this 13-head wooden church in 989. Fragments of ancient paintings of 1109 are still preserved inside the cathedral. Next to the St. Sophia Cathedral is the Church of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem built in 1759. Presumably, it was built by the project B.Rastrelli.

Sights of Veliky Novgorod. The Novgorod Kremlin combines and unites in one whole the monuments of church, civil and military Russian architecture

Veliky Novgorod was founded in 859 and in the summer of 2009, it celebrated its 1150th anniversary. The heart of the ancient city is the Kremlin. It was founded by prince Yaroslav in 1044. Almost in the very center of the Kremlin is the monument "The Millennium of Russia", erected in 1862 in honor of the thousand-year anniversary of Russian statehood.

During the World War II, it was destroyed by the German fascists, but by 1944 it was already restored. In the northern part of the Kremlin is the Church of Sergius of Radonezh (construction of the XV century), it is unique in that it is the only surviving gate church not only in Novgorod, but throughout Russia. In the XV century, the five travel towers of the Novgorod Kremlin had gate temples.

Inside the temple is painted with frescoes, which are miniature compositions telling about the life of Sergius of Radonezh. Novgorod is rightly called the "Russian Florence": not one of the ancient Russian cities has preserved such a multitude of architectural structures with ancient wall paintings. Best Russia holiday destinations.

Near the Kremlin, on the banks of the Volkhov River, there is a pier from which the excursion ship departs to Lake Ilmen. In one hour you will swim past the place where the Russian statehood originated - Ryurik settlement and St. George Monastery. The pier is located on the left immediately after leaving the Kremlin gates.

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