Ocean Beach Paradise

Beach vacation is pure rest

On a perfect vacation, we should both get impressions, and experience relief, better health

But if you choose one thing, the main thing is, why does a person have a vacation? It is impossible to live a full active life, if you discard rest all the time in the background. Do not neglect the vacation - this is what allows you to take up your duties again with new forces and not to experience this strong tension.

Recently, many people complain of chronic fatigue syndrome. People live at an accelerated pace and high tension, and as a result they quickly burn out at work. The only salvation for them is vacation time. However, quite a bit of time was spent on vacation for the year, which is why people on their return feel not rested, but just a little less tired than before the holidays.

The Dominican Republic is the best choice for budget travelers. This popular holiday destination offers much more than great beaches and resorts with excellent value for money. Rich in history and culture, the region also boasts one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Caribbean, with paired jungles, deserts, mangroves, coral reefs, savannas and high green peaks.

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Ocean Beach Paradise
Go to the tourist areas of Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, La Romana and Samana, where the complex resorts are grouped in idyllic streets with palm beaches and you will discover a world of adventure. You can climb the highest peaks in the Caribbean, raft on the white waters of Rio Yac del Norte, go to the waterfalls through the tropical jungle and ride a bike through pine forests and alpine trails. Cultural attractions are also a highlight of the Dominican Republic. The capital Santo Domingo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with charming colonial architecture and fascinating history. But if you just want to treat yourself to a beautiful beach, dive, swim, surf and sunbathe, you will also find many opportunities for this.

Even a car needs to be repaired from time to time - what can we say about a person?

How to relax on vacation, and not lose in vain two weeks of life? Let us take a vacation to strengthen immunity and health, increase creativity, strengthen family relationships, get rid of daily stress, improve performance, switch attention to other objects, reconsider your attitude to what is happening in your life.

A trip to a warm country, where the sea, the sun and sand, often takes place in continuous thoughts about the future. Vacationer hurries to the airport, then to the hotel. Every day trips are planned on excursions or walks in order to get acquainted with the maximum of objects in the shortest time. People are in a hurry, their plans go astray, stress accumulates. To this are added the problems of climate change, a burned back, food poisoning, the loss and theft of things.

300 kilometers east of Florida, in the Bahamas, is the beautiful resort of Abacos, offering some of the world's best waters for boats and sailing. These peaceful Atlantic islands are also called Family Islands. They really seem to be a world away from the crowded tourist resorts of Florida. Abacos will conquer you with secluded beaches surrounded by pine trees, thriving coral reefs and sleepy fishing villages, where the main mode of transport is golf carts and boats. The British loyalists have inhabited these islands, and you can witness this heritage in the pretty and colorful colonial cottages lined up along narrow streets. The most popular activities include fishing, diving, snorkeling, relaxing and socializing with the locals, as well as a mile of pristine beaches of soft white sand.

Ambergris Cay in Belize is one of the best tourist destinations in the country and the largest of the 200 islands. Thanks to its blooming turtle grass, the magnificent Chan Chan Marine Reserve offers superb diving and snorkeling less than half a mile from the coast. This underwater wonderland is part of the Berisa Barrier Reef system, the second largest barrier reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Shark Ray is a popular place where divers can come face-to-face with sharks and stingrays. Anglers also flock here to try their luck in barracuda fishing. Part of the island's charm is its colorful city of San Pedro, where golf carts cut through the streets and funky restaurants serve fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine. Since the northern part of the island is two steps away from Mexico, the island has a strong Mexican influence, and many locals speak Spanish.

Not so long ago, environmental scientists discovered a zone in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America where the water is five degrees higher than the average ocean temperature in the region. It would seem that plus or minus five degrees are minor fluctuations. However, further research revealed that this is not just a local increase in water temperature. This is a whole heat wave, which is now a threat to all marine inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean. The water temperature in the ocean is growing - and this is very bad. A local increase in water temperature was recorded a few years ago, it slightly violated the marine ecosystem of the western coast of the United States and affected the spawning of salmon. Now this area has grown to gigantic proportions. A huge heatwave extends from the coast of Alaska to the south to the shores of California.

If in the near future the sea wave of heat does not dissipate, then in the next year or two, warm water will penetrate to a greater depth, which will lead to devastating consequences for the local fauna. Current forecasts show that even a greater increase in temperature can occur within a few months. The key question is how long a new heat wave can last. The consequences of its impact on the marine ecosystem also depend on this. In any case, there are already shifts in this direction. For example, according to some data, migration routes and the population of sea lions are beginning to decline. Also recorded a decrease in the number of crabs and mollusks. And these are the initial links in the food chain.

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