Jamaica vacations. Boating in Ocho Rios. Jamaica tours

The coast of Jamaica is considered the embodiment of beautiful nature and a paradise for divers

Trips on boats and sailboats along the sea coast, carved by picturesque caves, will leave an indelible mark on the memory of every tourist who has been here

Jamaica does not accidentally attract the attention of tourists from all over the world - there really is something to do for every vacationer. A huge range of activities and entertainment allows you to find a lesson to taste and fans of extreme sports, and those who prefer a quiet family holiday. Being in a particular city of Jamaica, you can go on an exciting sightseeing tour. They are held in Montego Bay, Negril, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios. Holidays in Jamaica can be great if you choose the right time for it.

Every year, more and more tourists prefer a beach holiday in Jamaica to rest in other places. Why? Most likely because, when applied to the beaches of Jamaica, the phrase "heavenly place" will in no way be an exaggeration. In Jamaica, the beaches are clean, the water is clear, and its comfortable temperature is almost constant throughout the year. Each country has its own national holidays. Such traditions are very interesting to learn, coming to rest abroad. In Jamaica, you always have the opportunity to participate in a colorful carnival or a magnificent celebration of the birthday of Bob Marley.

Jamaica is a country of golden beaches bordered with palm trees, green hills and blue mountains, an amazing emerald island washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, a country of eternal summer. This exotic country attracts tourists with its unique culture and amazingly beautiful landscapes. It was here that the musical style of reggae arose and the Rastafarianism and the Rasta subculture that arose on its basis spread more widely than anywhere else.

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Jamaica vacations. Boating in Ocho Rios. Jamaica tours.

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean. It is interesting to tourists for its unique mountain landscapes, tropical thickets, picturesque waterfalls, beautiful and landscaped beaches, as well as original culture and the ability to spend their holidays actively and diversely. Resorts are located on the ocean and on smaller islands. Holidaymakers in the resorts of Jamaica are people not poor and very different.

Travel services are also very diverse and take into account the different tastes of tourists; from outdoor enthusiasts to nudists, hipsters, Bob Marley fans and romantically-minded couples. The infrastructure of the resorts is very well developed - there are high-class hotels, and the opportunity - if you wish - to relax actively. Add to this the sounds of reggae, which could not be better combined with the beach, the sun and a relaxed state, and you will not only understand why Jamaica is best suited for a beach holiday, but also want to try this indescribable combination.

National Jamaican cuisine absorbed the features of the cuisine of African peoples, India, Spain, China and England. Most of the dishes on the island are made from meat (pork, goat meat), poultry and fish, all very generously flavored with a variety of spices. The most popular drinks in Jamaica are cocoa, black and herbal tea (be sure to try "Lemon grass tea"), tea with milk and / or rum, coconut milk, juice from exotic fruits and, of course, the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee , Grown at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

Pacification, unity with nature, a combination of the sound of waves and unobtrusive musical rhythms - all this guarantees tourists a wonderful holiday. Speaking of alcoholic beverages, it is impossible not to mention the rum. In Jamaica, they drink it undiluted (with ice), and with the addition of cola as part of various cocktails.

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