Old Tower in Germany. Biberach County, Upper Swabia

White Tower. City Gardens. Biberach an der Riss.

Travel to Germany. Landmarks of the land

Travel across Germany gives the chance to estimate all width of natural and cultural riches of this country. From the borders of the North and Baltic seas in the north to the alpine peaks of Bavaria and the Black Forest forests in the south, its territory is a place of amazing natural contrasts. For centuries, culture has played an important role in German society. All major cities of the country have opera and symphony orchestras, and even small villages unite lovers into musical and artistic societies.

Germany - one of the largest countries in Europe, with a rich and complex history, diverse nature. Not all that is worth it to see, is located in large cities, where the majority of tourists arriving by plane.

Traveling in Germany will be interesting to fans of outdoor activities. One of the common types of recreation here is cycling, for the promotion of which there are many selected routes. On many rivers and lakes, canoeing and kayaking are traditional. Skiing and other winter sports are common in the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest and the Harz Mountains (notable for their rare natural beauty).

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Old Tower in Germany
With tourists traveling in Germany, Bavaria is the most popular holiday destination. It is the largest land of the country. In the north of its territory are located such historically memorable cities as Wurzburg, Bamberg, and Nuremberg. Regensburg and Passau are on the banks of the Danube. Both cities have preserved historic centers that managed to avoid destruction during the Second World War. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the most romantic of all medieval cities in Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and one of its most interesting cities. Here are the legendary Old and New Pinakothek, as well as many other art museums, baroque buildings, and royal residences. This is the center of beer production, and the Oktoberfest celebration. The Bavarian Alps - the most picturesque mountain region of Germany. The beauty of nature is complemented by the outlandish castles of King Ludwig, as well as urban and rural churches and monasteries.

The town of Bieberbach an der Ries is located in the south of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

The Land of Baden-Wurttemberg is also popular with tourists. The university and the magnificent ruins of the castle in Heidelberg are regular excursions to Germany. The large industrial city of Stuttgart, at the same time, is beautiful and rich in museum and artistic heritage. The Black Forest is the largest forest in Germany, with which many legends and legends are associated. This is a very popular place among cyclists.

Baden-Baden - a famous city - a resort in Germany. Bodensee (Lake Constance) is a unique resting place. The Swiss Alps create here a favorable climate and amazing views. Also, there are many historical sights in the region, among which the old city of Konstanz and the Romanesque churches on Reichenau Island are worthy of mention. Germany had a significant influence on the formation of European culture. The country regularly hosts art and music festivals. Here you can see unique architectural landmarks.

Starting with a small number of monuments from the Roman Empire and the Carolingian period, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque structures are most widely represented. The limited influence of the Renaissance is fully compensated in Germany by the cultural heritage of Baroque and Rococo, as well as the monuments of modern architecture, starting with the legendary Jugendstil and Bauhaus. By now, much of what was destroyed during World War II, fortunately, has been restored.

Traveling around Germany is very easy: you can navigate quickly and comfortably. The railway network of this country is known as one of the most developed in the world: German trains run very often, very quickly, on schedule, and they are comfortable and relatively inexpensive. But, nevertheless, if you have a driver's license you should use the opportunity to rent a car. German autobahns are a point of interest in their own, few places where you can drive a car with the same pleasure. By car it is much more convenient to get to some interesting places - first of all, locks (there are buses to an alternative car). Bonus, in the southern part of the country, and upon arrival in the neighboring states, will go magnificent mountain landscapes that adorn many routes in Germany.

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