Orthodox Church, Suzdal. Journey to the roads of Russian history

Bishops' Chambers with a refectory episcopal church

Nowadays Suzdal has the status of a city-museum: temples, squares, whole streets and even private houses - the whole city is fully recognized as a museum

Suzdal Orthodox is temples, 4 active monasteries (Pokrovsky, Aleksandrovsky, Rizopolozhensky, Vasilyevsky), relics of Suzdal saints, visiting the monastery bell tower, the opportunity to get acquainted with the bell-ringer and listen to concerts on bells and harbors, a trip to the existing monastery in Sanino with a visit to a miraculous source. It was at this place, where the Suzdal Kremlin Museum Ensemble is now located, once, in the 12th century, Suzdal began to be built. Here, in the bend of the Kamenka River, the first ramparts and Earthen mounds, blocking the path of the enemy, were built, and the first city cathedral was built. From the north, the Kremlin was surrounded by Kamenka, and from the east, south and west, the fortress was protected by ditches filled with water.

Both temples survived the entire twentieth century unbroken, retaining the iconostasis, utensils, vestments of the priests - perhaps that is why icons are there myrrh, murals self-clean the walls, and ten years ago the dachnitse scored a healing spring on which the chapel was placed. St. Nicholas Church is still unlocked by the same huge ancient wrought-iron keys, which in the godless years of the temple elder, nun Angelina, locked the temple, buried in the forest without telling anyone where, and after returning after 17 years of Stalin's camps, brought back and again opened the temple.

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Orthodox Church, Suzdal

In the western part of the Suzdal Kremlin dominates the ensemble of the bishop's court

The existing chambers are part of a grandiose architectural complex of residential and farm buildings that make up the episcopal palace in the 17th century. The oldest buildings of the bishop's court include the building of the ground floor of the coal building of the chambers, which preserved the white-stone masonry, and the refectory church, restored in the forms of the XVI century.

This church is crowned with an octagonal surface with a small cupola and is surrounded by an arched gallery and a covered porch with a brick tent. The main entrance to the chambers, located in front of the western portal of the Nativity Cathedral, leads to the reception hall - the Cross Chamber. Acquaintance with ancient Suzdal is better to start with an inspection of the Kremlin and its buildings, which has been well preserved here.

Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest building in the city, which has absorbed all its history from Vladimir Monomakh. According to archaeologists, the Kremlin in Suzdal was built in the 10th century, despite this, all its main buildings have survived to this day, with the exception of the defensive walls and towers. It is a separate pleasure to ride a horse cart to Suzdal or just walk the streets.

The city seems to unfold before you, gradually opening up in all its splendor and singularity. As the political center of the city, the Suzdal Kremlin served as the residence of the prince and bishop and those who submitted to them (the prince's squad, etc.). Currently, in the Suzdal Kremlin, there are several churches and an ensemble of bishops' chambers with an ancient Nativity Cathedral.

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