Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

With all the richness of the language, it is difficult to describe in words the magnificence of these sea expanses. This is a must see

Perhentian (Pulau Perhentian) is crystal clear sapphire waters of the endless sea and a snow-white beach, framed by palm trees, casting fertile shadow on the coast

This is exactly how you can describe the exotic island Perhentian. Well, to be precise, this is a group of islands consisting of Perhentian Besar, which in Malay means "Big Perhentian" and Perhentian Kecil - "Small Perhentian". Around the Perhentian Islands there are 21 dive sites and many areas for snorkeling. All of them are varied in complexity and each has its own "zest", so diving here will be interesting for both novice divers and a real pro.

The Perhentian underwater world is rich not only in its colorful inhabitants, such as young fish, parrot fish, clown fish, barracudas, stingrays, wrasses, moray eels, black feathers, white-footed and whale sharks, huge sea turtles and a variety of corals, but also the presence wreck divers (English wreck) diving can dive to it. Let us add crystal clear water and visibility to 15 meters in the daytime - this is all that is needed for true happiness to true connoisseurs of the deep sea.

Nature has awarded Terengganu state the most beautiful islands with the best dive sites. The prosperous coral gardens and abundant fish populations owe their present existence to the fact that this area is a marine reserve of Malaysia.

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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Bright Malaysia is a country of two cultures, continental and island. The skyscrapers of the capital Kuala Lumpur are adjacent to the pristine beaches of Kalimantan, and traditional markets and modern shops are equally popular.

In the sea around the islands, a significant amount of coral, marine fauna is diverse and includes, among others, such species of fish as the whale shark

In addition, Perhentians are a breeding ground for turtles, which in some places go ashore and lay eggs. The main way to travel on the island is a water taxi, they are near almost every hotel. There are no ATMs and exchange offices on the islands, so it's better to take with you the entire required amount in cash in local currency.

The Perhentian group of islands consists of the islands of Susu Dara, Perhentian Besar, Rava, Perhentian Kecil, Serenggeh, and Susu Dara Besar. All islands are located about 20 km from the continent. Diving operators are located on Perhentian-Kesil and Perhentian-Besar. These twin islands are located on the outskirts of the reserve of Redang Island and are surrounded by coral colonies. Perhentian seems like a paradise to divers, water sports enthusiasts and anglers. In addition, it is one of the few places where giant leathery turtles breed. All islands of the archipelago are a marine park, therefore there is a certain mode of stay on them.

Local reefs combine many varieties of hard corals with patches of soft coral dendroneftia and sponges growing on boulders. The currents around the reefs are moderate, and when they descend to the depth they get a little faster. The best places near the islands are marked with mooring barrels. Tokong Laut (Tokong Laut) - an island of rock, located in the north-west of Perkhentian-Kesil. You can get in 30 minutes by boat. The slopes of the boulders are gradually reduced to 30 m, large sea fish and whale sharks ply around. Here you can meet sea bass, royal fish, barracuda, nurse sharks and black fin sharks.

Malaysia is still a corner of virgin nature, carefully preserved traditions, clean beaches and excellent service. Surprisingly, but a fact: white people have not corrupted this ancient country, which is fantastically rich in sights, at all. Sufficiently well-off tourist, with patience for long flights, having decided on a tour to Malaysia, will find here luxury hotels, and excellent diving, and delicious cuisine, and the charm of the noisy bazaars of the South East. Is that in terms of nightlife, this country is not too interesting: club-disco entertainment is only in the capital.

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