Philippines vacations. Girl on a tropical beach. Philippines travel - vacation travel photos. Travel impressions

Snorkeling, water skiing and parasailing, island canoeing, trekking and mountaineering, cycling and caving, beach volleyball, frisbee and basketball, golf

Puraran Beach on Catanduanes Island, considered one of the main surf areas in the Philippines. Northwest of Manila, you can ride a wave in Bagasbas, San Fernanado or San Juan. The northeast of Luzon is known for the small town of Baler, in which several famous Hollywood films were shot

Diving in the Philippines is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the world. Tropical seas around 7 thousand Philippine islands are constantly enriched by currents coming from the shores of Japan, from the Pacific Ocean, South China and Indian seas, and even the legendary dive-sea Sulawesi. Therefore, off the coast of the archipelago there is such an amazing variety of corals, sponges and gorgonians, fish and shells, invertebrates and other marine life.

Philippine cuisine is a unique blend of Oriental and Western cuisines: Malay, Spanish and Chinese. Rice is always served as a side dish to the main dish, which is often made from seafood - lobsters, crabs, shrimps, clams, all kinds of fish.

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Philippines vacations. Girl on a tropical beach. Philippines travel - vacation travel photos

The Philippines has great beaches, exotic nature and comfortable rest. Fans of snow-white beaches and windsurfing ride to Borokai. Cebu is a great opportunity to combine beach, entertainment and shopping. Bohol and Palawan - for fans of eco-tourism and secluded relaxation

The climate of the Philippines is tropical, having two features: year-round high temperatures and high humidity. There are two seasons: dry (December - April) and rainy (May - November). The wettest period is from June to October.

Bungalow type hotels are common on the islands, there are almost no multi-storey ones: the state is concerned about preserving the natural landscape.

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