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All tourists are looking for the most original angle to capture themselves against the background of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa

In addition to the tower there is a stunning architecture, museums, antiquity, history - all this here in abundance. Pisa is a small town, you can slowly see all the main attractions in one day. But if one day seems insufficient to you, then there are hotels and hostels for every taste in Pisa. The unique historical atmosphere is maintained due to the harmonious architectural ensemble of historic buildings, preserved thanks to the care of local residents. A distinctive feature of Pisa is a group of buildings erected in Piazza del Duomo, or, as they call it, in Wonderland Square.

The city of Pisa is located in Central Italy in the Tuscany region. It is surrounded by a valley on the Arno embankment - almost the longest river in the country, and just 10 kilometers from Pisa is the Ligurian Sea. Many people know Pisa from the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa and the spectacular Cathedral. Those who travel to Pisa with the sole purpose of taking selfies against the background of the tower are wrong. We need to perform at least four more actions - try bachchelato cheese, kachukko fish soup, pichchi pasta, as well as crispy bruschettas with white or black truffles.

Italian classic. Pisa is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Italy. This tour will give you a whole kaleidoscope of vivid impressions from a trip to Italy. On the Knights Square, tourists watch the Palace of the Knights with wall paintings and the church of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen - they store trophies from battles with pirates.

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Travel to Italy - Pisa tower photo. Italy tours
There is practically no need for buses: everything is within walking distance. Every museum in Italy has crowds of people who want to get into it. If you want to avoid the queues, it is better to buy tickets in advance on the official sites. You should know in advance all the nuances of an independent trip so that only excellent memories remain from it.

Pisa is a nice cozy town, attracts with its mystery and history. Vacation travel is the best short term investments for your money

Fun weekend getaways for couples. Italy is considered an expensive country, the general price level is higher here than, for example, in Spain or Greece. Walking in Pisa is a pleasure. Big old town, which is well preserved. In your free time you can lie on the lawn in front of the cathedral, or you can just walk through the streets of the city. It is quiet and there are no tourists at all. Sculpture lovers should pay attention to the Palace dei Cavalieri.

Ancient frescoes in great condition waiting in San Piero a Grado. Fans of relaxing on the beach should pay attention to Tyrrhenia, a popular resort near Pisa. Several sandy beaches attract tourists with their cleanliness and open spaces. Trips to take with your boyfriend. What do you need for a good overseas vacation? Cheap flights, reliable air fares and clean, comfortable hotel.

In Pisa there is one of the most famous monuments of the Tuscan Gothic - the chapel of Santa Maria della Spina. It is built around a relic - a thorn from the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. To the west of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the Baptistery. To complete the construction of this structure, begun in the 12th century, it took the city residents two centuries. Due to the continuous construction, the building combines elements of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. In the world there is no higher baptistery than in Pisa. Its height is 54.86 meters, the diameter of the building is 34.13 meters.

Italy is an incredibly attractive country. She has united everything that vacationers love so much: mild Mediterranean climate, luxurious coast, ancient architecture, interesting museums and sights, delicious cuisine, good shopping. An interesting and optimal route is the most important component of the success of your vacation! Usually, tourists want to see everything at once, but do not turn your vacation into a race. Practice shows that on average one large city takes three days to explore it.

Italy is the country you want to return to. There is a turquoise sea and snowy Alps, Michelin-starred restaurants and cafes with juicy pizza for a couple of euros, pompous boutique hotels and hostels with crazy parties. Locals advise coming to Italy in spring and autumn. At this time, there are not so many tourists as in the summer, and it is not so interesting to look at sights in the heat.

In Italy, almost everywhere you can pay with a card. Cash will be needed to buy tickets for buses, subways, pay for purchases in small shops and leave tips in the cafe. Cafes for locals are located away from attractions in quiet streets. They have a simple interior, no signage. They will have to look for yourself. Prices in them are 30-70% lower than in a cafe for tourists in the city center, and food is much tastier.

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