Prague vacations. Old astronomical clock in the center square. Prague tours Czech Republic

Astronomical Clock is one of the main attractions of Prague

The Astronomical Clock in Prague is the most famous clock in Prague and the oldest acting astronomical clock in the world

The Old Town Square in Prague is decorated with the old tower of the Old Town Hall, which invariably attracts the attention of travelers. The first mention of the tower clock dates back to 1402. However, already in 1410, they were replaced by the clock of the Kadan master Mikulas - mechanical with astrolabe - the basis of the Orloy that has survived to the present day. The watchmaker made the chimes according to the project of the astronomer Jan Shindel.

Nowadays the upper astronomical dial of the Prague Astronomical Clock, with amazing accuracy, shows four types of time: the ancient Babylonian, Old Bohemian, modern Central European, and the star, used only in astronomy. On this dial one can observe the movement of the sun and the moon among the constellations of the zodiacal circle, follow the phases of the moon, the time of sunset and dawn. On the sides of the dial are interesting figures. On the left you will see allegories of human vices: Vanity and Pride. On the right is Death, telling people what the flow of life time leads to, and the Turk, whose image is considered the embodiment of sinful Earthly pleasures and a reminder of the Turkish threat. The bottom calendar face shows the days of the week, the exact date, and holidays. The calendar dial, which in itself is a picturesque masterpiece, is decorated on the left by the figure of the philosopher and the archangel Michael, and on the right by the astronomer and chronicler.

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Prague vacations. Old astronomical clock in the center square. Prague tours Czech Republic.

Probably there is no more mystical and blood-chilling symbol of the Middle Ages in Prague than the famous clock - the Prague Astronomical Clock, or Prague Orloj

The astronomical clock in Prague is famous not only for its amazing history and unique appearance, but also for its extraordinary performance that unfolds here every hour from 8 am to 8 pm. At the top of the chimes, next to the stone figure of an angel, you can see two windows. At the beginning of each hour, they open, the figures of the apostles appear from them, and their amazing procession begins.

Each of the apostles holds in their hands a certain attribute, a symbol. For example, this is the key to the Paradise of St. Peter, and the spear of the Apostle Thomas. When the procession of the apostles takes place, the figures move alongside the astronomical dial: A conceited person looks in the mirror, the Wearer shakes with a bag of money. Death attracts the most attention, turning the hourglass, ringing the bell and nodding its head, recalling the rapidity of life. The rooster's figure on top signals the end of the performance: when the Rooster crows, the figures freeze until the next hour, when the mini-performance repeats again.

In Prague, it is said that stopping the clock is a bad omen for the country. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but in 2002, when the clock suddenly stopped, Vltava overflowed and flooded the city, exposing serious damage to city buildings and the metro. It is here that you can always see the numerous tourists waiting for the action, which is called the real breakthrough of all times - the show, when the figures inside the watch come to life.

For a modern person, watches are a completely ordinary mechanism, with which we have to interact daily many times and in the most varied versions. We are used to the clock, and many of us have been using gadgets for a long time, with additional handy applications. But there were times in history when all this was completely different.

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