Bhutan vacation. Punakha Dzong, placed between two rivers. Bhutan travel

Great Himalayan Journey. How to become happy. Travel to Bhutan.

Bhutan is a very religious country. A huge number of people live in monasteries, some of which are ancient fortresses - dzongs

Clean rivers, original architecture, national flavor. Bhutan is a small country, only 300 by 150 kilometers, and the population is only four hundred thousand people. Bhutan is a fabulous country surrounded by pine forests. Dzongs stand in fantastically beautiful places - on the bends of the rivers, on the hilltops.

Indeed, ancient wisdom is right: "If you want to find a beautiful place, look for an ancient place." There are monasteries in which children can be handed over for the whole day under the supervision of the monks, and in the evening they can be picked up. Monasteries here also perform the role of schools, teaching children literacy, the basics of life order, Buddhism. Four disciplines are taught here: Buddhism philosophy, spelling, playing musical instruments (which are used in mantropenia) and English.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most unexplored and closed countries of the modern world - a real challenge for real travelers. In Bhutan, there are no crowds of tourists, which is very pleasing. Everything is so calm and simple, without fuss, which also contributes to the pacification of our restless mind.

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Bhutan vacation. Punakha Dzong, placed between two rivers. Bhutan travel.

A huge dzong (fortress-monastery) built by the first king of Bhutan, who came out of Tibet and united the country

Impregnable walls outside are impressive, and inside there are beautiful wood carvings, wall paintings and lots of gold. Tibetans could build. Inside the dzong are several beautiful and elegant buildings, one of which is the temple of Nag Yul Boom, owned by Je Kempo, as well as a library with 108 volumes of Kanjur, a Buddhist canon written in gold letters, and a repository of royal relics.

Every season in Bhutan is good in its own way. Bhutan is a very clean and very green country. Deforestation is prohibited here. Moreover, despite the fact that the territory of Bhutan is 72% covered with forests, the active planting of trees continues. Bhutan is an agrarian country. For more than 80% of the population, agriculture and forestry are the main source of income. The main export commodity is ecological rice, fruits and electricity produced by hydroelectric power plants. The kingdom is fully self-sufficient in food and clothing.

What attracts tourists to Bhutan? First of all, it is a culture and a unique way of life. Most of the tourists who visited Bhutan, called the main reason for visiting - the opportunity to join the culture and traditions of one of the most mysterious and unusual countries in the world. And some of the tourists chose Bhutan for the beauty of Himalayan nature, untouched by civilization.

Some tourists are attracted by ecological and adventure types of tourism, which include trekking in the Himalayas, tours of studying the flora and fauna of Bhutan, ornithological and sports tours. The popularity of programs that include birdwatching under natural conditions is due to the fact that 667 bird species nest in Bhutan. The share of eco-tourism accounts for 5.3% of the total tourist traffic. Adventure tourism in Bhutan offers tourists rafting, kayaking, fishing, as well as biker and cycling programs. Motorcycle and bicycle tours have a good tourist potential. Thus, the 600-kilometer route from the eastern to the western borders of Bhutan along the state road is particularly popular among tourists.

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