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How to relax and what to see. Journey to Egypt will give you great pleasure.

The long and thorny historical path of the country, as well as the last preserved wonder of the world attract tourists from all over the world

Archaeological discoveries point to the origin of the Egyptian civilization in about four thousand years BC. Around 3200 BC, there was a united kingdom here that stretched from the north from Syria to Nubia to the south. in 341 BC the last dynasty of Egypt fell. About 95% of the country is desert. All life is focused on the banks of the largest river in the world - the Nile, as well as on the coast of the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Typically, the choice of tourists offers standard excursion programs: the Pyramids of Giza and the National Museum in Cairo, the sights of Alexandria, Luxor, as well as boat trips and study tours in Egypt in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh.

At the heart of the ancient Egyptian culture is the human fear of the uncontrollable forces of nature. In the context of such a world view, Pharaoh was perceived as the guardian of the world order, a force capable of creating the necessary balance for life. The main hero of culture is the great river Nile, and the main idea is eternity, expressed primarily in architecture. The famous pyramids, the most famous of which are located in the suburb of Cairo Giza, are the idea of frozen time and space in stone.

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Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt
The ancient Egyptian religion was an intricate system, with many gods, complex rituals, the purpose of which was to create a balance between opposing principles. It is extremely difficult to get a clear idea of the functions of the deities, since there was no single pantheon for all of Ancient Egypt. Moreover, over time, cults transformed, and the roles that the gods played changed. The gods were depicted as humans and half-animals, half-animals, which was not accidental. The Egyptians treated the world around with great respect, endowing animals with the most valuable elements in their culture. The most revered force of nature was the sun, embodied in the form of Ra (this god had other names that depended on the place where he was worshiped). Pharaoh as the bearer of divine power was the "Son of the Sun" or the "Son of Ra.".

Anyone who has come to Egypt is simply obliged to look at the famous Egyptian pyramids that are in Giza. The easiest way is to take a tour

Once the birthplace of the pharaohs, and today an exotic eastern country, offers to visit museums, look at the famous pyramids and feel the flavor of this place. The preserved monuments of architecture, the unique Valley of the Nile River, the healing sands and the national cuisine of Egypt, make this country unforgettable. Since this is an Arab country where Islam is widespread, it is advised to behave here more restrained. In restaurants can not let men in shorts and women in explicit outfits: this view is considered offensive and indecent.

The rich and highly developed culture of ancient Egypt had a tremendous influence on the development of the peoples of the Middle East and the ancient Greeks. Up until now, the achievements of the Pharaoh era continue to inspire the creation of objects of art, and the scientific discoveries of the Egyptians in the field of mathematics and astronomy shake their minds with their surprise. Ancient Egyptian culture possessed a number of original features, due to both the geographical location of this country and the internal laws of development.

First of all, it is isolation and self-sufficiency. The isolated position of the Nile Valley made it difficult to communicate with other nations and made it impossible to learn about the achievements of its neighbors. Conservatism, a tradition of orientation, further strengthened the ability to resist any outside influence. However, because of this, even the innovations proposed by the Egyptians themselves took root very badly both in art, in religion, and in life.

When ordering food, remember that portions of food in Egypt are very large, many of them can eat two people at once. Do not rent a car or motorbike. You need to have a truly enormous experience and iron nerves to ride in the absence of rules that the Egyptians call road traffic. Egypt is a place where it is not only advisable to bargain, but it is extremely necessary.

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