Ranrapalka peak. Cordilleras mountains

Peruvian Andes. South America.

Every year, reserves of Peru attract more and more tourists

Without exaggeration - fantastically beautiful landscapes: mountain peaks against the background of floating clouds, deep gorges, cold fast rivers, forests, woods, high meadows and pastures - opening as you move to the peaks; diverse climatic zones with their flora and fauna - all of this is of great interest for lovers of ecotourism. You can put up a tent not only at campgrounds, but everywhere along the path.

The Cordillera, a mountain system that stretches for 7,000 km from north to south, consists of many mountain ranges of different geological ages and structures. A whole system of intermountain plateaus and plateaus was formed between western and eastern chains. Among them stand out for their size and originality of nature of the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau.

If you are going to trekking routes around Peru, consider using the services of professionals. Although tracking does not involve difficult ascent to the summits, you still need to thoroughly prepare for it. And on the routes you need to be able to help. Even on the relatively low passes of the Peruvian Andes, hypoxia can occur. And in some cases, tourists even have to be evacuated.

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Ranrapalka peak
Cordillera Blanca is a kingdom of snow-capped mountains, inaccessible glaciers and countless emerald lagoons. Almost all roads leading to the white kingdom of snow and ice begin in the valley of Kayehon de Huaynas, where the capital of mountain tourism, the city of Huaras, is located. The brave explorers of the snow-capped peaks and lovers of mountain trekking for a reason chose this fascinating place - here a unique panorama of glaciers opens, which can only be climbed by the strongest and bravest. Ranrapalka, Ocshapalca, Ishinka, Chopicalqui, Copa, Uaskaran are just a few of the more than 700 glaciers of the Cordillera Blanca, which can be seen by residents and visitors of the city.

Climbing in Peru in the off-season is attractive because of the total absence of people and the opportunity to observe the mountain life, the way it is

Cordillera Blanca is the world's highest tropical mountain range extending 180 km along the Pacific coast from north to south. In this mountain range 25 peaks are concentrated with a height of more than 6000 meters. The highest point of the Cordillera Blanca is the Huascaran peak with a height of 6,768 meters. The gorge Ishinka, in which the peaks of Urus, Ishinka and Tocllaraju are located, is the best place for climbers with a small climbing experience.

Top family holiday destinations. Not difficult for climbing snow peaks, and amazing beauty of the surrounding mountains. In the Andes amazingly beautiful sky is at night. High altitude, clean air and the absence of electrified settlements makes it possible to clearly see the Milky Way and many, many stars. Travel to mountains.

Pay special attention to preparing things for tracking. You should always take with you - at a minimum: trekking boots with ankle protection, warm clothes - in the mountains it will be pretty cool, hypoxia tablets, water purification products, a headlamp, a battery to recharge the phone, a sun protection cap, light dishes and cutlery, sun protection creams.

The Copper Mountains - this is what the Incas call these longest mountains in the world. This is the Andean Cordillera, known to us as the Andes. This mountain range is not comparable in length with any of the existing on our planet. The length of the Andes is about 9 thousand km. They originate from the Caribbean and reach Tierra del Fuego. According to experts, these mountains are quite young. A few million years ago, the process of mountain building was completed here.

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