Cook Islands vacations Rarotonga. Tropical gazebo with chairs on amazing white sand beach. Rarotonga travel

Entertainment on the island of Rarotonga

The modern name of the Cook Islands was received not from James Cook himself, but from the Russian expedition of Ivan Krusenstern

Among the 15 islands of the archipelago, there is even an atoll called Suwarrow, named after the ship Suvorov, which in turn was named after Russian general Alexander Suvorov. The main island of the archipelago is Rarotonga. There is an international airport and the capital on the island. There are also university, supermarkets, market and public transport - two buses - Clockwise and Anticlockwise.

Rarotonga Island is physically different from its volcanic neighbors, where the mountains are almost completely destroyed and look more like hills. The central massif of Rarotonga remains one of the most powerful volcanic pyramids. The tops of its cliffs resemble the teeth of the saw, and the ridges are completely covered with tropical jungle. They are separated by streams running down, which feed the moisture in the picturesque green valleys. The highest peak reaches 658 m above sea level. The island is surrounded by a blue lagoon, which is several hundred years old. Previously, it was defended by a reef, but over time it went under water. The lagoon is ideal for diving - the wealth of the underwater world has no equal.

Rest on Rarotonga is, of course, first of all beautiful beaches, as well as diving and snorkeling. The main beach of the island is Oravaru. It is one of the largest in the Cook archipelago. The white sand of the beach and lush vegetation framing the azure waters of the ocean. The beach is not equipped at all, and therefore suitable mainly for those who like to admire the colorful fish and corals. Nearby, from the green hills, tourists enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the island.

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Cook Islands vacations Rarotonga. Tropical gazebo with chairs on amazing white sand beach. Rarotonga travel.
Unlike artificially created islets, Rarotonga is literally saturated with the mighty energetics of wildlife: coconut and citrus groves, creepers and fern jungle, rare plants can be found in local forests - people simply cannot create such magnificence with their hands. The island has long been chosen by lovers of deep-sea fishing, whose prey is marlin, barracuda, tuna and other noble fish. In any part of the island you can find attractive restaurants and shops, civilization literally borders on impassable jungle.

Rarotonga Island is the largest and youngest island in the Cook Islands group

Rarotonga stately rises above the sapphire waters of the Pacific Ocean. Decorated with green hills, covered with dense jungle, mango and coconut palms, the island is truly magnificent. This is the youngest and most beautiful island in the archipelago of the Cook. This miraculous natural perfection, which radiates incredible energy, attracts travelers from all over the world. Moreover, on the island, seemingly uninhabited at first sight, the tourist infrastructure is well developed. The capital of the island is the city of Avarua, which means "Two harbors". After 1992, the city became a major tourist center with beautiful green streets, avenues, as well as original buildings built in the architectural style of Polynesia.

You need to go to the beach Oneroa to relax with a camera, as the views here are simply amazing. In addition, a quiet bay full of fish and lovers of fishing here will have to taste. It will be good here with young children, as the bay is very calm and the beach has clean, soft sand. Titikayeka beach is one of the longest on the island. This is a very beautiful and peaceful place, and palm trees grow here practically near the ocean and you can sunbathe under their canopy. This is a very popular beach with holidaymakers, where everyone can find a secluded place. Another very popular beach is Muri Lagoon, but it is more suitable for lovers of snorkeling. You can see the extraordinarily beautiful and diverse underwater world: bright exotic fish and sea stars. There are a lot of excellent schools for divers on the island, because the coastal lagoons of Rarotonga are full of wonderful diving sites.

Tourists can diversify their leisure time by visiting the Cocoputt amusement park, especially those who are on vacation with the whole family. On the territory of the picturesque park there are equipped picnic areas, as well as interesting sports grounds and an attractive restaurant. Vacationers can stroll along winding paths and admire exotic plants, hone their golfing skills and enjoy local delicacies. The Maire Nui Botanical Garden is perfect for exploring the flora of the island of Rarotonga; the collection of flowers and exotic plants here is simply huge. The garden has a very nice design, there is a cozy cafe on its territory. Fans of sports entertainment should visit the center LEK Rarotonga, he organizes a variety of entertainment events. Customers can rent the necessary sports equipment, learn the basics of surfing and scuba diving.

Gourmets and those who prefer exotic dishes will be also interested in visiting Rarotonga Island. The isolation of the island has become the main reason for the formation of special culinary traditions, the recipes for preparing many national treats have remained unchanged for more than one hundred years. The basis of the national cuisine is meat, rice, as well as the freshest seafood. For vegetarians, it's just paradise, because the original vegetable dishes are cooked on the island a great many. Among the exotics you can try "matu rori" and its taste is truly magnificent. The meat of the sea cucumber is fried with a special sort of green bananas. Very unusual cooks island white crab meat. This delicacy is first beaten off, and then coconut chips are added and lightly fried in hibiscus leaves. And even more original snack - raw crab meat with lemon dressing. There is an opportunity to taste the old umukai national dish - seafood, stewed with vegetables in an Earthen oven. Be sure to try the selenium fish that the local salted in the ocean. Unusual and very popular among tourists dish - fried breadfruit. The desserts here are of course magnificent, as they are made from a variety of exotic fruits growing on the island.

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