Remembering last vacation

Why does a man need a vacation?

The main mistake of all vacationers is to think that by the end of the vacation they should get rid of the feeling of chronic fatigue

It is this delusion that makes you constantly strain, anxiously listening to your body in an attempt to find out: have I rested or not? It should be noted that anxiety increases in proportion to the number of days spent on vacation, but fatigue does not show a tendency to disappear. The situation is aggravated by a burning desire, after leaving the vacation, to look rested. At least on the first working day.

The first few days of your holiday should be spent just to get out of this crazy pace of megalopolises. Leave it or not - a person gets tired by the end of the day, even if he does nothing at all. Just because he lived the day. There are days in our life with a furious rhythm, when you haven't slept well and didn't have time to eat, and you've been up all day, but you have enough time to do so much that by the end of the day we're tired, but cheerful and happy.

Why do we love to relax on the sea? Every person is endowed with the ability to admire nature. Perhaps there are few things in our everyday life that could instantly transform our way of thinking or the current mood. And only nature can do it. Going on a trip, we admire photographs of sights, deserted paradise beaches or beautiful architecture, anticipating how you will walk there carelessly. The white beach of pure sand washed by the waves is calling to bask in the sun by substituting the pale faces of the city to the sun, and this invitation cannot be refused.

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Remembering last vacation
Water is such a common substance that it is present not only on Earth and in the air, but even in space. Some planets are half made up of water ice, while not all water is suitable for life. Life in the water itself is diverse and beautiful. What beautiful fish swim at the bottom. And gold, and red, and green, wonderful creations of the water element, you swim past, delighting the eye. Plants live on the shores and in the depths, unique water lilies bloom near the shore. Everything lives and develops around thanks to water.

It is unlikely that at the end of life, one of us will say: "What a pity that I spent so little time at work."

But on the refusal of a full vacation, we may well regret. Therefore, right now we should rest more and live the life we love. A prerequisite for a good vacation is that everything is unhurried and enjoyable, and certainly plenty of sleep. Then you feel rested. Even without being aware of the impact that nature has on us, we instinctively strive for it. This is good if the vacation will take place by the sea or river. Water "washes away" our problems and clears thoughts, and as a result you will have every chance to feel rested.

The most banal advice - try to make the place where the holidays take place very different from the place where your everyday life resides. Go to the sea, arrange yourself a trip to another country, get out into nature, go hiking. Surround yourself with new interesting people, communicate with foreigners or just people from other countries and different professions. Change your usual environment - and this will help you to distract from the everyday routine of working people. In the daytime you should not be on the beach, and devote this time, for example, daytime sleep. This means that in the morning you will probably get up early. Why not go for a morning run along the seashore with the first rays of the sun? Or perform morning exercises. By the way, swimming in the morning is much healthier.

Vacation is a long-awaited event, and we want to spend it not only pleasantly, but also with benefit. Learning to relax is much more difficult than learning how to work, even though it sounds a bit strange. How to relax on vacation? Reboot your soul and your body. While some people blame external circumstances for their troubles, others adapt reality for themselves. New places are one of the reasons why we love holidays. But finding something new for yourself in familiar places can be even more interesting.

The sea and the beach are your allies! Spending time on the beach can be different. If you've been lying in a lounge chair for a couple of days and you are endlessly bored of idleness, then go on an active holiday right here on the beach! Imitating someone else's example negates our own desires. When choosing a route for a vacation, a person wonders if he can then boast to his friends. He goes to Paris, because this season is fashionable, although to restore his own strength he needs rest in a country house on the river bank. As a result, a person rests for someone, not for himself.

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