Rome, Italy. A trip to Rome is a real trip to the past

All roads of the world lead to Rome - the Heart of Italy

Rome is an amazing place where all the roads of this world really lead

Many thousands of tourists come here every day to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the Eternal City, its magnificent architecture, ancient history and, of course, delicious Italian cuisine. But how many tourists know about the features and secrets of a pleasant and safe holiday in Rome? Start sightseeing in the early morning.

The capital of Italy stands on its famous seven hills for about three thousand years. The city, called eternal even before our era, has seen a lot and can surprise many people. Such confusion of different epochs and styles cannot be found anywhere else - in Rome the monuments of antiquity, early Christianity, the Middle Ages, the Baroque and the Renaissance have been preserved not only by individual objects, but also by entire ensembles. Therefore, a trip to Rome is a real trip to the past.

In Rome, every street, every building breathes history. Unlike many European cities, Rome practically did not suffer during the world wars of the twentieth century and retained its authentic architecture. Also perfectly preserved are the masterpieces of Italian painting and sculpture: they are exhibited in many museums, churches and palaces.

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Rome, Italy
By the number of unique objects, no capital of the world can compete with Rome. But this does not mean that the city is covered with the dust of centuries and lives only in the past. It has everything to enjoy life here and now: quiet picturesque parks and noisy modern streets, fashionable shops and magic antique shops, delicious food and excellent coffee, and most importantly, the special atmosphere of the city, which all roads lead to. The best way to travel around Rome is to walk around Rome. Most of the sights are located several kilometers away from each other, so walking is recommended.

Rome stands on the hills, so for those tourists who like to roam on foot, it will be difficult here

But Rome is so beautiful, and the combination of antiquity and modernity within neighboring neighborhoods is so striking that you don't even recall fatigue. In Rome, you should definitely see the Colosseum and the Forum, the Castle of St. Angel and the park of Villa Borghese. Fans of viewing platforms will enjoy the climb to the Quirinale Hill (towards the presidential palace) or to the viewing platform on Vittoriano - the monument to Piazza Venezia. Pantheon and Piazza della Rotonda, Piazza Navona with the Fountain of the Four Rivers, Trevi Fountain, where you need to throw a coin to find your love - in Rome everything breathes with beauty and emotions.

The historical center of Rome undoubtedly, has the largest number of interesting places that every traveler wants to see are concentrated here, especially if he was first in Rome. Just here are the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, - only the names excite the imagination. All these objects are within walking distance of each other, so you don't even have to worry about transport.

Rome is a big enough city, so the choice of location for accommodation is worth a thorough approach. A hotel, apartment or hostel in a properly chosen area is a guarantee that you have enough time for all the planned sights, and the trip to them will not take several hours. Each district of the Eternal City is attractive in its own way. Therefore, it is worthwhile to devote some time to careful selection of your place of residence, but then your vacation in Rome will be held with benefit and pleasure.

In order not to get lost and perfectly navigate around Rome, tourists can download offline maps that work without the Internet and save you a lot of nerves. Also download the app that tells you where to go, what to try, as well as places around you. In Italian cities with a huge number of museums, monuments and historical centers, there are discount cards for travelers, called Pass, in Rome is a tourist map of Rome Roma City Pass.

These cards provide many advantages to their holders - unpaid use of urban transport. Includes bus routes in the city, trams, metro, railway lines Rome-Viterbo, Rome-Lido, Rome-Giardinetti, seven hundred and twentieth number of bus routes from Ciampino airport to the Laurentine metro stop to either side. The card also includes free (sometimes with a good discount) entrance to museums, exhibitions, as well as booking tours and various types of services for tourists.

Car rental is an ideal option for traveling with children and for those with a lot of things or a dog. It is better to decide in advance with a car rental company in advance: see prices, reviews, amount of deposit. If the decision was made spontaneously, then one of the options (not the best) will be to search for rental points at the airport, at large railway stations, in tourist places of big cities.

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