Rostov the Great, Russia. Rostov Veliky

Spaso-Yakovlevsky monastery. Rostov Veliky.

There are many places worth visiting in Rostov the Great

One of these is the Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery. Here in the Zachatievsky cathedral the relics of Dimitry of Rostov and St. Jacob are kept. The Yakovlevskaya church with an elegant refectory, the Dimitrievskaya church, built at the expense of Count Sheremetev, and a slender three-tiered bell tower make up the ensemble of the monastery. The territory is small, but well-groomed, there is a source of holy water. The monastery is surrounded by stone walls with four octagonal-shaped towers, one of which can be climbed to enjoy the opening view of the monastery itself, the lake and the urban surroundings.

Rostov Veliky attracts tourists by the fact that here almost untouched, since its construction, preserved monuments of ancient architecture, telling the history of Russia. Among them is the Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery. A visit to Rostov without this holy place will not be complete. Be sure to visit the territory of the monastery.

On the territory of the monastery are several magnificent temples. At the entrance to the monastery on the left you see the Cathedral of St. Dmitry of Rostov, which was built at the end of the XVIII century with the money of Count Nikolai Petrovich Sheremetyev in the style of classicism. From all sides the facades of the temple are decorated with large multicolumn porticos of the Corinthian and Ionic order.

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Rostov the Great, Russia

Empress Catherine II, Emperors Alexander I, tsar Nicholas I, tsar Alexander II, tsar Nicholas II prayed at the monastery

Once poor, the abode of St. Jacob in the XVIII century became one of the richest monasteries in Russia. In antiquity, the monastery was called Zachatievsky - after the name of the main and then only temple dedicated to the Conception of the Righteous Anna of the Most Holy Theotokos. Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery is located about one and a half kilometers south of the Rostov Kremlin.

Above the waters of Lake Nero, it rises like the fairytale city of Kitezh. Nowadays, the monastery has a monastery library, a sacristan, icon-painting and restoration workshop, a sewing workshop (for tailoring clothes for the brethren), a bakery, a boon, a carpentry workshop, a workshop for repairing vehicles, and a garage. There is a bath, laundry. The monastery has a subsistence economy.

Rostov Veliky is a very small town, where a little more than 30 thousand people live. Nevertheless, he has a proud name - the Great. Why? Scientists have not yet come to a common opinion. In the annals of 1152, the epithet "Great" is used, but is not explained in connection with this. Perhaps the reason is that the city is 300 years older than Moscow and 150 years old - Yaroslavl, or because at one time it was quite rich and located on the trade route to the White Sea, and this contributed to the development of trade and crafts. Or that was the capital of the Rostov principality, the spiritual center of Northeast Russia? Be that as it may, Rostov the Great remains one of the most beautiful cities of the Yaroslavl region and Russia as a whole.

Rostov is part of the famous tourist route "Golden Ring of Russia", which unites cities with unique architectural, historical and cultural monuments. Modern Rostov Veliky is above all a pilgrimage center. Travelers are fascinated by the restrained beauty of Rostov monasteries, narrow streets, the provincial atmosphere of the hinterland, the overflow of bells. Tourists carry cups, wine glasses, ladles, jewelry made in the enamel technique from Rostov. In Rostov, the famous factory operates, which conduct tours.

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