Africa travel. Ruacana Falls, border of Angola and Namibia. Africa tours

Ruacana Falls - one of the largest and most powerful in Africa

In the southwestern part of the African continent, almost on the border between Angola and Namibia, there is an amazingly beautiful waterfall Ruacana

This vibrant natural landmark of Africa is named after the city where the main source of the waterfall, the Kunen River, flows. The size of the waterfall is largely dependent on the season, so during the spill the width of this wonder of nature is seven hundred meters, and the height of the stream of falling water reaches one hundred twenty-four meters. The water at the top of the waterfall is very clear and transparent.

While Europe has long since wandered far and wide and studied, and Asia has become a familiar destination for traveling beyond the exotic, Africa is still a blank spot on the map of most travelers. This continent is fanned not only by a halo of mystery, but also, not least, by stereotypes and prejudices. But it is possible and necessary to go to Africa, because it personifies the whole world, new and unknown. Fascinating excursions are arranged to the waterfall, in which tourists from many countries take part. As a rule, a tour of the Himba tribe is included in the excursion route to make it even more intense and informative.

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Africa travel. Ruacana Falls, border of Angola and Namibia. Africa tours

Ruacana Falls, Southwest Africa

Numerous streams of river Kunene breaks here from a height of 124 meters. In the season, when the river is deep, the waterfall looks especially impressive, with a roar falling from a height. Africa is famous for its natural attractions - reserves and national parks, where you can see the pristine nature, flora and fauna, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and flowing rivers.

The climate is changing, and with it the face of our planet is changing. It is no secret to anyone that people are the main culprit of these changes. There are reserve areas worth visiting for the sake of natural beauty in almost every country. When a large river encounters large stones in its path, it falls down from them, we see a large waterfall, and its noise spreads throughout the district for many kilometers. This unique natural phenomenon has long attracted people. As a rule, waterfalls are most often formed in mountainous areas, where water has to make its way through solid rocky rocks.

Do not plan too many things in one day, you still will not have time, or can not do. Always be prepared for the fact that there will be delays on your route, inconsistencies, always lay extra time on them. Africa is dangerous, the main danger is tropical diseases, first of all - malaria. To visit most African countries, it is necessary to be vaccinated against yellow fever. Moreover, it is necessary to obtain an international certificate of vaccination. This document is often asked when crossing the border, it may also be in the list of documents required for obtaining a visa.

Africa can surprise even a seasoned traveler. She leaves no one indifferent. Africa is not an easy continent to travel. Africa is a very expensive travel region. Everything in Africa is organized in an ugly chaotic manner. Africa is the second most populated continent; over 1.1 billion people live here: a huge number of ethnic groups, languages and cultures. Among the conflict and poor countries there are quite peaceful, safe and interesting for tourists. Many travelers are familiar with such countries as South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

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