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Dombai is a village in the intermountain region at the northern foot of the Caucasus Mountains. From here it is equally close to the Black Sea and to Elbrus

The village of Dombay is located at around 1600 m above sea level. This place is called Dombai Polyana. Here three gorges and three rivers meet together - Alibek, Dombai-Ulgen and Amanauz. Squeezed on all sides by mountains and riddled with lines of cableways, it seems quite toy. Dombay: it is worth to come here, even if you are not a skier. Mount Dombai-Ulgen is the highest peak of the Western Caucasus (4046 m), which gave the name to the entire region. From the summit there is a magnificent panoramic view of the gorge of the Amanauz river, the Alibek valley, the summit of the Ine peak, Sulakhat, Bu-Ulgen and even the distant Elbrus.

The most famous and beloved by travelers of the Dombay gorge is Alibek. From the Alibek gorge for many decades, climbers begin their ascents to the legendary summits of Dombai. Through the gorge passes the path to the Alibek waterfall, where a powerful ice stream falls from a height of 25 m. Dombay-Ulgen gorge - Dombay-Ulgen (4046m) received its name from the highest mountain in the Western Caucasus.

The path to it lies through the Russian glade. The route through the gorge is not difficult and does not require special physical training. Locals say that the sun always lives here. In spring and summer you will see alpine meadows with fragrant herbs. During a walk through the gorge there are stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of Musa-Achitary, the Main Caucasus Range and Dombai-Ulgen. Passing through the gorge you get to the cascade of waterfalls, which are called Chuchur. If you go from the waterfalls to the right, then you will pass to the Ptyshsky gorge, you could get to Abkhazia through it before, but now this passage is closed, as the border post does not work.

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Russia hotels - mountain hotel in Dombai, Carachai, Caucasus. Russia vacations
Alternate the hard days of hiking and the days of easy walks. Russian Glade is a great place to stop. Here you can relax, admire the views and even sunbathe. In the middle of the glade you can see a stone of a fancy shape, some tourists see in it the silhouette of a bison. By faith, if you make a wish near this stone, it will surely come true. Chuchhursky waterfalls are a beautiful cascade of three streams. From the top you have a stunning view of the surroundings.

According to the legend, it was at this place that the aliens once landed, and they liked it so much that they decided not to fly away and parked their spaceship here forever

Russia travel and sightseeing. 150 km from Arkhyz is the famous winter resort Dombay. Tourism is the main reason for the formation of the village. The first organized base appeared here in 1921. Russia Holidays. In total, about 80 'Futuro' were manufactured, of which more than half remained. Family trips, lasting memories. Ski resort Dombay known since the late 1960s. Nowadays, in terms of infrastructure, the resort falls behind more modern competitors. But prices are more affordable, and the atmosphere is almost homely.

Wonderful Russia. The highest platform on Dombai is located at an altitude of 3200 meters. An old military Sukhum road passes below. Dombai glade and the surrounding mountains are legendary places. For climbers Dombay generally cult place. Mountains fascinate, impress and fall in love with you forever! There are many hotels here, the price level is about the same. You won't be hungry either. Summer is a great time to travel. Backpack on the shoulders and in the mountains. Where? For example, in Dombai. Many people know this village in Karachay-Cherkessia as a popular ski resort, but this is only one side of Dombai! The settlement is located on the border of the Teberdinsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve, along which many routes to unique natural sites are laid.

The word "dombai" (dommai) means in Karachai "bison". Once in the Dombai forests whole herds of mighty giants wandered. The name of the highest mountain in the area Dombai-Yolgen (Dombai-Ulgen height 4046 m) in the language of the original inhabitants of these places means "dead bison." There is another version, according to which Dombai glade was named after a hunter named Dommai, who, pursuing tours, killed the beast, but could not resist, fell from a high mountain into the abyss and broke.

According to many travelers, the most beautiful route in the vicinity of Dombay is Baduk Lakes. The path to them goes through a shady coniferous forest. Overcoming this area, you will find yourself at the confluence of the mountain rivers Baduk and Khadzhibey. Then, a variety of deciduous trees appear. And then you will meet with three lakes of incredible beauty. Black, green and turquoise. They open to the traveler one by one, amaze with their grandeur and amazing, incomparable beauty.

Another stunning route leads to the highland lakes of Muruja. The route can only be a few months a year. It does not require special mountaineering training, but it is difficult to call it simple due to the large climb. Be a cat for a meeting with truly wild nature! In a few days you will pass through shady coniferous and deciduous forests, climb to subalpine meadows, and continue your way higher into the mountains, where there is already quite a bit of vegetation, but incredible views and stunning starry... by the way, you will see it in this hike - it is waiting for you at least one night in tents. The lakes themselves are located at an altitude of 3000 m. Blue and black, separated by a mountain bridge, they look like a magical multi-colored dragon eyes.

Between Dombay and Teberda is located the ancient temple of Sene. It stands proudly and majestically in these parts since the 10th century. This is one of the oldest temples in Russia. Byzantine architects worked on it. Outside the structure is fascinating simple harmonious lines. Inside - surprisingly skillful colored murals. In this place you can feel the special atmosphere, the spirit of the time. From the hill offers a magical view of the river Teberda. Kara Kara lake is located nearby. It is known for the warmest water temperature and rich dark color of water. The beautiful waterfall Shumka is located in these parts. A walk to it gives the most pleasant emotions - here you can enjoy the smell of pine needles, the sound of a mountain river and swimming in invigorating jets of a waterfall. Visiting these places will not take you very much time and does not require special physical training, but it definitely gives you a lot of pleasure and vivid emotions.

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