Russia tours. Siberia Altai mountains landscape with grazing horses. Russia vacations - vacation travel photos

One of the examples of active recreation in the Altai Mountains is horse riding tour

Horse trekking in the mountain taiga with access to the passes, and to the mountain lakes - one of the most interesting tours

The Siberian region is a real natural treasury, and the beautiful places of Altai occupy a special place in it. The land of mountains, river valleys and pristine lakes annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Beautiful places, wildlife, fresh air. The beauty of local nature is beyond words. This is a landscape in which all the colors of nature are used. Altai is a miracle of light and nature. You need to be sure to see this beauty with your own eyes.

Most of the attractions of the Katunsky range are far from the places of accommodation, and to visit them you need to take several days hiking or horseback trips. The man tamed a horse 6 thousand years ago, and since then travel on horseback is a comfortable opportunity to push the horizons. On a horse you can reach places where it is almost impossible for a person to be without special training. And this is communication with an amazing animal - intelligent, kind, noble. Altai is a fabulous place with a strong Siberian energy. Huge mountains, endless steppes, rivers and lakes with clear water and clean air. Traveling to Altai is beneficial not only for the body, but also for the soul. It cleans, gives strength, allows you to see the world with different eyes.

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Russia tours. Siberia Altai mountains landscape with grazing horses. Russia vacations - vacation travel photos

Excursion possibilities of mountain Altai are endless

Every trip is a whole adventure with interesting stories and funny incidents. Altai horses are very similar to Mongolian, they are small and stocky. In winter, no one cares for horses and does not feed them. The whole herd is released into the canyon and they themselves get old grass by pulling out their hooves from under the snow. They also acquire long hair. Explore the ancient mountains without a backpack, in comfortable conditions, with all the benefits of civilization and guides who possess the secret knowledge of this beautiful land. Places of power, riddles of nature, ancient petroglyphs, snowy peaks, sacred valleys, villages and yurts, apiaries

Altai is very beautiful and very diverse - from mountains and plains, from impassable taiga to the desert. All these incompatible landscapes and reliefs are in the same area. In Altai, its own microclimate, which can drastically differ from the nearest cities and regions. The road to Altai, as in the whole of Russia, is not particularly different, there are good areas, there are some that are difficult to call a road. Local nature is rich in ticks. Therefore, before visiting it is better to take a course of vaccinations, get a special insurance in case of a tick bite and stock up on cylinders with repellents. The list of obligatory things includes: a lantern, matches, an ax, a rope.

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