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The oldest center of Moscow - the Moscow Kremlin - was laid as a fortification of a small settlement located on Borovitsky Hill

The first mentions of Moscow were found in the annals for 1147. They also reported that the wooden walls of the Kremlin were built by order of Yuri Dolgoruky. Initially, the size of the fortress was small, the length of the wall reached 1200 meters. There are several versions of the origin of the word "Kremlin". According to one of them, this name comes from the name of the central part of the ancient cities, called "Krom". Another version suggests that the word could come from the "kremlenny", very durable wood, going to the construction of fortress walls. There is even an assumption that the roots of this word are Greek, that is, "Kremnos" is a steep mountain, steepness over a ravine or shore. Judging by where the fortress is built, this version has the full right to exist.

The Bolshoy Kamenny bridge connecting the Swamp Island with the environs of the Kremlin's Borovitskaya Tower was opened in 1938. Before him, about this place was at first the All Saints' Bridge (under which all sorts of representatives of the criminal world gathered), and then the Stone Bridge, the high cost of which construction became the proverbial. The roadway of the bridge is separated from the pedestrian railing with a pattern in the form of sheaves of ears. On both sides of the bridge a good view opens up - to the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and other sights of the center of Moscow. On the days of festive salutes, the bridge turns into a viewing platform, from which citizens watch the fireworks.

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Russia tours. Moscow Kremlin night view. Russia vacations.

In addition to fortifications, the impregnability of the fortress was provided by the high slopes of Borovitsky Hill and water lines

A canal dug along the northeast wall of the Kremlin in the 16th century turned the Kremlin into an island. The history says that in ancient times the Moscow Kremlin was built up with the courts of the boyars, residential buildings. Only in the center of it, on the Cathedral Square, were located the cathedrals and the grand-ducal palace, which later became royal. From him, the Faceted Chamber, which was the throne room, has survived to the present day.

The main tower-bell tower "Ivan the Great" dominated over all the buildings, figuratively expressing the greatness of the Russian state with its architecture. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the idea of building the Grand Kremlin Palace appeared. There were many projects, but they built it according to the drawings of architect K.A. Tone. Construction years - 1839-1849.

The ban on living in the Kremlin was introduced in 1955, and the ancient architectural ensemble became a museum, partially open to the public. In today's many-sided Moscow, the Kremlin remains a historical place, which millions of tourists from all over the world strive to visit. The Moscow Kremlin is still the main socio-political, artistic, historical and religious-spiritual center of Russia. In addition, the Moscow Kremlin is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Prince Daniel, the youngest son of Prince Alexander Nevsky of Vladimir, became the first "high-ranking official" to settle in the Moscow Kremlin; then the son of Moscow Prince Daniel, Ivan Kalita, reigned in Moscow to make the city one of the largest and strongest in Grand Duchy of Moscow. Ivan Kalita was engaged in the arrangement of his residence, which it was under him, in 1331 received its present name - the Moscow Kremlin and became an isolated, main part of the city.

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