Saint-Tropez, France. Ready to rest? What medicines to take on the trip

When planning a beach holiday, do not forget sunscreen and sunburn treatments. How to sunbathe on the sun.

Beautiful summer, bright sun, endless sea, beautiful sandy beach - how long do we wait for this and dream about it

A vacation on the coast is accompanied by a beautiful golden tan. You should first prepare for contact with the sun. Knowing how to sunbathe on the sea, you can quickly get a beautiful tan and significantly reduce the risk of burning. Cream on the skin should be applied for half an hour before leaving the house. It will take time to soak in and take action to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays from the very first minutes of being in the sun, when it is especially vulnerable. Lips are also subject to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, so they need special means of protection.

The best friend of a beautiful tan is sunscreens that currently have many forms of release: lotions, sprays, creams, and napkins. You can choose any, they have one principle of action, and the form depends on your preferences. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The ability of the body to spend a long time in the sun, while not receiving sunburn, can be stimulated by eating antioxidants. The most effective of them - astaxanthin - is found in large quantities in the meat of salmon, certain types of algae and yeast. Using this substance, natural or synthesized, it is possible to increase the time of safe exposure to the sun 2 times. Antioxidants with a similar effect are in blueberries, acai berries, pomegranate fruits.

SPF is usually indicated on the product packaging (if it is there) and can range from 2-5 (very weak protection) to 100 (very strong protection - a full block of sunlight). The most common are products with SPF 20, 30 and 50. Using them during the holidays will help keep your skin healthy and give it a rested appearance. How long the protection of a particular agent is valid depends on the factor and manufacturer. It is believed that using a tool with SPF - 30, a person in 30 hours will receive the same amount of solar radiation as he would have received in 1 hour without protection, and using an agent with SPF - 50, he will receive the same amount in 50 hours. That is, the higher the number on the package, the longer the protection.

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Saint-Tropez, France
The intensity of exposure to ultraviolet radiation depends on the amount of melanin (coloring pigment), since this substance is a natural barrier that protects the skin from sunburn and prevents UV rays from penetrating soft tissues. Despite the fact that a large number of synthetic vitamins are now available, the need to obtain a sufficient amount of these substances from the environment is still quite high. One of the most difficult to obtain with food is vitamin D, it is the sun that stimulates its production in the human body of the necessary quantities.

Beach vacation tones and strengthens the body, and swimming makes us strong and healthy

How to properly sunbathe on the sea? To get a beautiful, even and rich tan, you need to spend at least 2 weeks at sea. You spend holidays or weekends on the banks of a pond, lake, river or sea. Water will wash away fatigue, invigorate, add strength to a hot day. Swimming is a pleasant, effortless, but very effective exercise. Just be respectful with the water element.

Do not sunbathe in the open air from 11 to 16 hours (especially for tropical countries with a merciless sun, such as Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia). Use moisturizing regenerating agents after returning from the beach. This will avoid dry skin. Get faster than the long-awaited tan can help not only cosmetics, but also ordinary products.

First of all, it contains fruits and vegetables containing beta-carotene, the most effective of which are carrots and apricots. Drink a glass of carrot or apricot (natural.) Juice a few hours before sunbathing, and the tan will be more "sticky" and saturated. Beta carotene not only gives the skin a beautiful shade, but also protects it from free radicals.

What rules can be broken by applying sunscreen to the skin? According to doctors and cosmetologists, those who rest on the beaches make at least fifteen mistakes, making this simple action. Choosing a protective agent, it is important to pay attention to the inscription "waterproof". While vacationers are sweating, lying on the beach, or are in the water, the cream is washed off and the skin becomes vulnerable. When applying creams with a special waterproof formula, drops of moisture do not linger on the surface of the skin and easily slide off it.

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