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On the edge of the caldera are the most expensive restaurants of Santorini and Oia

The popularity of Greek resorts is not surprising - for it is here that tourists are waiting for great beaches, gentle warm sea and ancient monuments of a rich culture, which became the beginning of the whole European civilization

Oia is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most unusual city on the island of Santorini. It is quite expensive and not everyone can stop here, but everyone can come here for one day and fully enjoy the local beauties: white and blue houses, ancient mills, narrow intertwining streets, stone steps flowing one into another, flowers creeping along the walls, unforgettable landscapes and, of course, the volcanic caldera - a crater formed as a result of the eruption.

Santorini is not only Fira and Oia, but also about a dozen small towns and villages that have something to show you. The white-blue churches of Pyrgos, the splendid beaches of Perissa, the archaeological museum of Akrotiri, Red Beach and many other attractions are waiting for you here. Many identify Santorini with the described ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Plato Atlantis, who died in a catastrophe and plunged into the depths of the sea.

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Santorini Restaurant - vacation travel photos

Spend some money and order at least a cocktail or coffee to sit at a table on the edge of the universe and think about the beautiful. Try Greek cuisine. Moussaka, pastikitio, fasolada, souvlaki, Greek salad, gyros, dolma - this is only a small part of the luxury that Greece has prepared for its guests. Have a romantic sunset dinner. There are excellent views both in the daytime and at sunset, when the last rays cast golden, pink and red highlights on the walls of houses and churches. Walking through the narrow streets, you need to visit the shops and shops of local artisans, offering a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as delicious local sweets.

In addition to the unique towns with a medieval lifestyle, many churches and monasteries, archaeological reserves are worth seeing in Santorini. The most interesting is located on the site of the ancient Akrotiri in the south of the island. It is one of the excavated streets of the city of II millennium BC. er with houses and frescoes. Traditional Greek goat cheese has been known since the days of Homer. Sign language in the Greeks may be unusual for residents of other countries: the movement of the head or eyes upwards means no, and when a person moves his head down and to the side, it means yes.

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