Sea lions, Alaska. Journey through Alaska, the land of cold and gold

Alaska - it's glaciers, mountains, gold rush, delicious salmon, bears, whales and other wild animals

Alaska cruise is the most affordable way to get here

No need to think about logistics and movements (and this is mostly just a plane), no need to think about hotels (which are very expensive here), no need to unpack things in each city at last. There is something on the cruise that is not in other ways of traveling - this is the view from the window or from the deck.

Always different, always the sea, sunsets and sunrises, the white nights of Alaska or the full moon of the equator. No fuss or rush. The Denali Star train - perhaps the most famous railway route in Alaska - passes through half of the state, and in particular through Denali National Park with views of Mount McKenley.

Alaska is also called the Great Land, because it really occupies a huge territory covered with permafrost, snow-white glaciers. Order a tour of Alaska prefer not only the true extreme, but real aesthetes. The terrain of this land still keeps the memories of the "gold rush". Most of the territory remains untouched and truly virgin nature to this day. Tours to this place, which can be booked here, are incredibly popular with risk takers and adventure seekers, fishermen. During the tour you can fully get acquainted with the most amazing land and all its attractions.

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Sea lions, Alaska
Stunning glaciers, wild, riotous rivers, lakes, wide, endless forests - this is the most picturesque and beautiful state in the United States. All this attracts the endless attention of numerous travelers. In many cities and villages, traces of national heritage, state treasures have been preserved, as well as features of culture and traditions of local tribes, which are extremely interesting to explore.

The fauna of Alaska - the subject of numerous tours. Trip to Alaska. The time when the world will wait around

The amazing wildlife of the world. Anchorage is surrounded on all sides by national parks and lives in harmony with wildlife: do not be surprised if you meet elks in the very center of the city. The cruise season along the coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands lasts from May to September. Wildlife, scenic landscapes.

On the way you will meet many lakes and rivers, be careful while driving - in that area the animals are not very shy and calmly go out on the roads out of curiosity. In addition to the mainland, Alaska includes a huge number of islands - large, medium, small and very tiny. It is extremely important for humans to continue efforts to conserve wildlife.

The modern world is very multifaceted. However, people are very often too passionate about everyday cares that they do not even notice all the wonderful things that our wonderful planet is filled with. She created an incalculable number of points that you must visit to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Alaska, of course, is included in this list, occupying a leading position in it.

Alaska was discovered by Russian travelers in 1732, and already on July 9, 1799 it became part of the Russian Empire. The signing of the contract for the sale of these territories for 7.2 million dollars in gold took place in Washington on March 30, 1867 (during the reign of Alexander II), due to their extreme remoteness and unprofitability for Russia. And finally, the Alaska Peninsula and the adjacent lands and islands crossed the USA only on October 18 of that year.

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