Acacia Tree Sunset, Serengeti. Africa tours - sunset over Serengeti wildlife conservation area. Tanzania, East Africa Safari

Top-rated tourist attractions. The Serengeti is one endless plain that captures the spirit.

Serengeti Park (from the Masai "siringet", "endless plains") is famous for the richest wildlife: here you can find about five hundred species of birds and three million large animals. In the north, the park is bordered by the reserve Masai Mara, in the south-east - Ngorongoro

In the vast expanses of the Serengeti savannah, wildebeests, Thomson gazelles, zebras, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and other species of herbivores and carnivores inhabit. Every year in October, almost 1.5 million herbivores migrate from north to south in search of green grass, crossing the Mara River and leading flocks of predators and scavengers.

Serengeti is a gem among the national parks of Tanzania. Serengeti surpasses other parks of Africa in the number of species and the total number of animals that inhabit it. In these places, there are six species of vultures, a small flamingo, weavers, a secretary bird, a red buzzard, a black-winged kite that eats small predators and birds, an eagle, buffoon and kayak owl, and a crested eagle, vultures, and ostriches.

Many kilometers of national parks with various animals, ancient volcanoes, long oceanic coast, picturesque islands and unique culture of local tribes will give an incredible flavor to your rest. Africa may lose its rainforests. In the course of studying information about animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction, scientists found that human activities led to the irretrievable disappearance of more than 500 species of trees, grasses and shrubs. Now, thanks to the work of French scientists, the region has become known, which is in a particularly dangerous situation. It turned out to be Africa, whose tropical territories risk losing more than 40% of their natural wealth. And all this is due to the fact that people are actively cutting down forests in order to build houses for a rapidly growing population. Of course, a gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth also played a large role in the destruction of plants.

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Acacia Tree Sunset, Serengeti. Africa tours - sunset over Serengeti wildlife conservation area. Tanzania, East Africa Safari
Previously, researchers estimated the risk of extinction only for mammals and birds, but the effect of human activity on plant life has still not been studied. After examining 20,000 plant species, the researchers concluded that at the moment 33% of the species are threatened with extinction, and a third of all species are at risk of getting into this list in the future, because they are quite rare.

For several decades, scientific work has been conducted here: long-term observations of the state of ecosystems, studying the ecology of a lion, a leopard, ungulates, population dynamics and reproduction of mongooses, the ecology of scarabs and termites

The Masai Mara is part of the Serengeti Valley ecosystem. This park can rightly be proud of the world's largest population of lions. Serengeti Park is known for the Great Migration of antelopes, prides of lions and endless valleys inhabiting millions of wild animals, Tarangire was chosen by huge herds of elephants, and the largest in Africa colony of pink flamingos and many other birds on Lake Manyara will delight fans of ornithology.

Tanzania is conquering the heart of a tourist with a mass of national parks with a Darwinian variety of animals and exotic African life. The Lions of the Serengeti and the summit of Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro crater, safaris and beach holidays are all about Tanzania. Combined tours here are more popular than safari "in its pure form".

In Tanzania you will find an amazing combination of island and city tourist resorts with their beautiful streets and wonderful beaches and eco-resorts represented by national parks and reserves, where mysterious dense forests await you, picturesque lakes and rich wildlife. Holidays here will turn out really unusual, exotic and very memorable.

Before traveling, tourists are recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever, and about a week before departure you should start taking antimalarial drugs. Water from the tap in the country can not be drunk - only from the bottles, after checking whether they were well sealed. Water used for drinking, brushing your teeth and making ice should be boiled or disinfected in other ways. Pasteurized milk and dairy products are completely safe for consumption, and meat and fish can be eaten only in well-done or boiled form.

African forests are in danger. Biological diversity in Africa brings great benefits to people, so if it is lost, our future will be in jeopardy. What is meant by "great benefit" he did not specify, but a lot really depends on plants in our world. For example, they are food for many species of animals that people eat and kill various pests. Various foods and medicines are also made from plants. Also, do not forget about the function of vegetation in the purification of air from carbon dioxide.

We are used to considering large forest fires a natural disaster that spares no one. However, life in nature never ends, and the death of some oragnisms frees up space for others. Steppes, prairies, pampas, savannahs are grassy communities with an arid climate, in which unexpected patterns often operate. For example, it is known that the long absence of fires reduces the species diversity of plants on the prairies. From forest fires, trees, grasses, animals and birds, insects and their larvae, even microbiota, die. But as a result, a large number of macro- and micronutrients, which consist of burnt biomass, fall into the soil. The first to use this opportunity for effective reproduction is some species of mushrooms and plants.

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