Siberian Lake Respite. Healing mud in the summer can be taken right on the beach

Tourists have long appreciated the indispensable healing properties of Siberian lakes

Despite the fact that summer sweeps fast, you can enjoy a great time warm days

And even better to relax in nature with health benefits. Stunning natural summer attractions in Russia. Dreams of new experiences always lure tourists, and sometimes it seems that the most beautiful and amazing places are somewhere very far away. Every year the Novosibirsk Region attracts more and more tourists and vacationers, because there are all the necessary conditions for a great vacation. There is a variety of entertainment - a good clean beach, swimming in the healing water, surfing, kiting, riding on catamarans, boats.

The stunning effect of swimming in the local water is noted by everyone who rested on the lake. Best Russia holiday destinations.

Lake Teletskoe is also popular among tourists. Teletskoye Lake is located at an altitude of 434 m above sea level, it is surrounded by high mountain ranges. The length of the lake is almost 78 km, the average width is 3 km, the maximum depth is 325 m. The lake is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Constant temperature of water is 4 degrees, on hot summer days the upper layers warm up to 20 degrees. More than 70 rivers and streams flow into the lake, and the only river Biya flows out. On the right bank of the lake is the Altai State Reserve. Since 1998, Lake Teletskoye and the reserve have been included in the List of World Natural Heritage Sites of Mankind.

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Siberian Lake Respite
The climate on Lake Teletsk is markedly different in different places. In the northern part, there is much more rainfall than in the south, but in the south the water is much warmer in summer, which allows even swimming there in favorable weather, while in the north the walruses can normally swim in the lake. A special microclimate is characteristic of the neighborhood of the village Yaylu, located on the right bank. There in natural conditions you can grow fruits up to apricots and even grapes.

The most famous among the Novosibirsk Lake Yarovoye has long made the town of the same name the local Siberian resort

Hot and dry climate in the summer months, dark salty sand, very salty water, in which it is impossible to drown, quite civilized beaches. Reserved place on the shore of a clean lake, quiet rest away from the bustle of the city. The water surface is infinite. Sometimes you look and it seems that the islands seem to float in the air.

There are an abundance of birds, about 300 species, even swans and pelicans. Karachi Lake is located nearby - a resort of federal significance in the Novosibirsk Region with unique natural factors. In Novosibirsk, you can visit various museums (local history, art, wax figures, a museum of books, aviation, architecture, history and others), the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the famous zoo.

Among the tourists are also popular fishing trip to Shchuch'ye Lakes (Pike lakes). The Shchuch'ye Lakes are located on the northern border of Novosibirsk and border the Tomsk Region. The lakes unite in themselves two lakes: the Great Shchuchye and the small Shchuchye, with a depth of up to 4 meters, the distance between the lakes is 200 meters. The shores are hard, steep, with numerous backwaters.

The vegetation around the lakes: dominated by pine, birch grows. In lakes only pike lives, weighing up to 12 kg. From here they got their name: the Pike Lake. The lakes are difficult to access because they are located in the center of the Vasyugan Plain, which is "famous" for its impassable swamps, swamps, cedar islands, and numerous lakes. You can get here easily only by helicopter. And our Expeditioners, which will be discussed below, went to these lakes, on two swamps of our own design. Such a journey is equivalent to the category of extreme, therefore, requires serious preparation, certain knowledge and experience of traveling in such conditions.

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