Singapore tourism. Asia travel. Singapore Merlion Cityscape. Singapore tours

Singapore is a fairy tale state, hospitable and safe

Modern Singapore is not only a huge business center, but also a great place for tourism

Singapore is a multinational country, but people share a common mentality and they all consider themselves Singaporeans. All nations get along without experiencing any problems. Singapore has a lot of different types of attractions, so people on arrival rarely ask themselves what to see and where to go. Everyone can create their own program of visiting interesting places.

Singapore is a beautiful and unusual country with a rich culture, sights, exotic cuisine and interesting traditions. There are no cheap hotels in Singapore, there are only relatively cheap ones. But all of them are comfortable, there are air-conditioners everywhere (this is simply necessary, considering that the equator is not far away), the staff is friendly and caring.

Singapore is a country to which you can return an infinite number of times, each time finding something new for yourself. After all, the Singapore state is developing rapidly and dynamically, and every year there are new exciting museums and sites, attractions for children and adults, theme parks and magnificent gardens, huge shopping malls. Singapore's largest district is Chinatown, bustling, crowded and loyal to tradition.

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Singapore tourism. Asia travel. Singapore Merlion Cityscape. Singapore tours.

The statue of Merlion - a fantastic creature with the head of a lion and the body of fish on the crest of a wave - became a symbol of Singapore all over the world in 1964

Futuristic skyscrapers, the design of which is approved by experts in feng shui, the highest Ferris wheel in the world and even a lot of family fun entertainment await Singapore visitors. "City of the Lion" - this is the literal translation of its name from the Malay language. Singapore's most memorable sights: Merlion Park, Sentosa Island, Qlarke Quay, Zoo, Ferris Wheel, Botanical Garden, Optical Illusion Museum, Oceanarium, Parks Night Safari and River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Universal Studios Amusement Park.

In the Singapore cuisine there are traditions of neighboring countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Europe. Seafood dishes are very popular: oyster omelette, seasoned with coriander, grilled stingray and crabs with pepper sauce. From drinks popular tea, coffee, juices. Strong alcoholic drinks are not popular here.

Over time, to this day, dishes of one kitchen borrow recipes and additions from other cuisines, which is the reason for the birth of new dishes with an unusual spicy accent and new reading. Singapore food is like a living organism that is constantly changing - Indians here are actively experimenting with Chinese dishes, Chinese people are experimenting with European dishes and so on.

Laws and violations of the law in Singapore are taken very seriously - fines are heavy and there are no indulgences to tourists. Ignorance of the law does not exempt from liability. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the customs rules of Singapore with the appropriate seriousness. Some types of goods in general can not be imported into Singapore, for some you need to obtain permission to import in advance, for cigarettes and alcohol you need to pay a fee.

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