Sipadan diving holidays. Green turtle underwater on a coral. Celebes sea. Sipadan island tours

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The island is the top of a huge seamount, formed from a volcanic cone and living corals

The sea splendor of the only oceanic island in Malaysia is created by countless corals that grew on the top of an extinct volcano. This process took hundreds of years. Sipadan is located at a distance of about 700 meters from the bottom. Sipadan is one of the best places in the world to watch big fish and large schools, drift diving, diving along the walls, there are excellent conditions for experienced divers. The number of species of marine life found here is enormous, it is not possible to list everything, but mainly, Sipadan is famous for the fact that here you can see huge flocks of thousands of barracudas and many sea turtles.

Sipadan Island is among the top five dive sites in the world according to the ratings of numerous publications. It occupies a leading position in the categories "Diving site, wherever you would return again", "Best place for advanced divers", "Best coastal diving", "Best diving along steep walls". In 1989, the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau described this place as an "intact work of art." Accommodation on Sipadan is prohibited. Divers are located on the neighboring islands - Mabul and Kapalai (about 30 minutes by boat). Sipadan dives are limited to 120 people per day. Permission is issued the day before the intended dive. In Sipadan you will not find a cafe. Food and water must be taken with you.

The sex of sea turtles directly depends on the temperature of the sand at the place where the eggs were buried. If the sand was warm, the female will hatch from the egg, and if cold, the male. This relationship seems very interesting, but scientists have discovered a great danger - if the Earth's temperature continues to rise, then all sea turtles will be female. The future of turtles depends on the mating of males and females, so that they may be on the verge of extinction.

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Sipadan diving holidays. Green turtle underwater on a coral. Celebes sea. Sipadan island tours

Sipadan is a small island of oceanic origin, no larger than 12 hectares

This Malay tropical paradise can be circumvented in 25 minutes, incidentally seeing the beautiful sandy beaches, framing the rainforest located in the depths. It will not be possible to get acquainted with representatives of the forest flora and fauna close by: local authorities prohibit tourists from advancing inland. However, according to eyewitnesses, monitor lizards and other animals sometimes roam along the shore.

In addition, Sipadan is a nature reserve, a habitat for many birds, more than three thousand species of fish, hundreds of coral species, green turtles and Biss turtles. The steep cliffs supporting Sipadan, like columns, abruptly go down to a depth of several hundred meters. A rare place on Earth can offer such biological diversity: more than 200 species of fish and over 70 species of coral polyps are found here.

By the diversity of species, the marine life of Pulau Sipadan is comparable to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Some divers sometimes jokingly call Sipadan the Fish Capital of the World. Even without a diving experience, each newbie can get familiar with the standard safety rules. The main thing to remember when diving is that a person must work in tandem with equipment, because each has its own functions, and sometimes not only the athlete himself, but the equipment can make a serious mistake.

For this reason, you should not save on professional equipment. Another rule that is not inferior in importance to the rule of choosing high-quality equipment is that panic is unacceptable when a difficult situation occurs under water. Work out in advance at trainings and courses difficult situations, learning to overcome them calmly. The underwater world of the tropical seas will surprise you with a variety of life.

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