Solden, Austria. Solden is an Austrian ski resort, one of the most popular in the whole world

Solden is a quiet holiday village with excellent infrastructure. Travel to Solden, Austria, to a ski resort.

One of the most famous ski resorts in Austria, where the peaks of the Big Three are located - Gaislachkogl - 3,058 meters, Tiefenbachkogl - 3,250 meters and Schwarze Schneid (3,440 meters). Alps, like skiing, is a passion for life

Austria's ski resorts deservedly attract both experienced and novice skiers. Solden is 55 ski lifts, 254 km of pistes of three difficulty levels, restaurant complexes located close to the main ski lifts. Admire the scenery that opens in Solden, you can not everywhere, even in the Alps. There are also shops in which it is possible to slightly tinker their equipment, if necessary.

Zolden is one of those resorts where sleighs need to be prepared in summer. If you want to live in a good place for good money, then it makes sense to worry much in advance. This rule holds true, perhaps, for many ski resorts. This resort is good not only for those who want to spend their holidays on the slope Gourmets and connoisseurs of good wines will find many delights in local cafes and restaurants. Almost all stores offer a ski service.

The ski area from the mountain Gayslahkogel (3056 m) is replete with long red slopes with a very interesting profile. The Gigiyokh Massif (2663-2727) offers extensive firn fields with tremendous opportunities for off-piste skiing. On the slopes of the valley Ratenbahtal - pleasant slopes of the average steepness. The areas of Ott, Vent and Obergurgl adjacent to Solden significantly expand the possibilities for skiing.

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Solden, Austria
Winter is a great time of the year! Winter is a real time for magic. Frost painted the windows of houses with fancy patterns. White snowflakes fall easily and weightlessly from the sky, and the trees pick them up with their branches. Tourists are looking forward to the winter, dreaming to go skiing or sledding from a hill. The feeling of flight, exciting person at the moment, it is difficult to repeat using any other method. The cold air rouses cheeks and invigorates, but the constant movement does not feel cold.

Solden is the only resort that can offer you 3 peaks over 3 km high

Journey to the winter: Solden. Here was the World Cup. The Austrian resort of Solden is a great place to relax and sport. At the top of Gaislachkogl (3,058m) is located the James Bond Museum, because the winter scenes of the Spectra were shot in Solden. Solden is the hot spot of the Alps and one of the best resorts in Austria. It is not surprising, because there is everything that Europe has to offer in the field of snow entertainment.

Solden will be also attractive for hiking enthusiasts. The local population speaks predominantly German. Zolden is ideal for those who like to have fun in the evening. Here an incredible number of bars, where it is customary to linger for an hour or two after the end of skating. In addition to bars in the valley, the Tyrolean evening is held every Wednesday at the resort.

From the local cuisine you should definitely try the Tyrolean Groestl grest - boiled potatoes are stewed in a pan with meat and greens. Served with sauerkraut or fried egg. Salted pork fat - traditional uncooked smoked ham "speck". Kayenchi - resemble dumplings stuffed with spinach, ricotta or beets. Tutres - potato dough dumplings, inside which spinach or sauerkraut. Canederli dumplings are sweet or salty balls of stale bread or dough with various fillings and sauces, they are both fried and boiled. Shuttelbrot - crispy cake made of rye flour. Glentwein - a popular drink from red wine with a variety of spices. Weizenbier, Stiegelbreu - local beer.

White snowflakes timidly touched the barely frozen ground. Slowly, like sleepy flies, they gradually covered the road with a thin layer. So they waited - winter came. This time of the year is loved by both children and adults along with the summer. And this is not surprising. Ice skating, which scares newbies so much, is also becoming one of the most popular winter holiday options. Rapid gliding on a smooth reflective surface gives a lot of pleasure to the guests and makes them return to the rink again and again.

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