Germany tourism. Sony Center dome at Potsdamer platz. Berlin tours. Germany tours

Germans are famous for their hospitality, unmatched beer and hearty food

A trip to Germany will confuse any traveler: how to see the main sights of the country in a short time

Over the past decade, programmers and other geeks have done the same with the city that artists did after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They came here, attracted by low prices for real estate and club culture, and as a result they themselves breathed new life into Berlin and changed the city. They were pulled by young chefs, determined to deprive Berlin of the glory of gastronomic outback. The huge Lego Museum is located near the Sony Center.

When traveling in Germany, the lion's share of time is usually allotted to Berlin, since the sights of Berlin are not limited to the famous Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column, their list just rolls over. This city is one solid sight: the Gendarmenmarkt square, the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, the Red Town Hall, the Berlin Wall. Museum lovers also have a chance to roam: museums from the National Historical to the Erotica Beata Uze are concentrated here. And in Brandenburg, the center of which is Potsdam, you can relax quietly away from the noisy metropolis: pristine landscapes stretch around the city.

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Germany tourism. Sony Center dome at Potsdamer platz. Berlin tours. Germany tours.

Today, the capital of Germany is often called the Silicon Valley of Europe: here are the headquarters of more than two and a half thousand technology startups

Most Berliners, especially young people, know English well, and therefore you will not have problems with communication. But still, if you learn at least a few key phrases in German and start your dialogue with them, the locals will be more located and friendly - they are very fond of admiring their culture and difficult language. The Berlin Welcome Card is a great opportunity to save money when you travel to Berlin. It provides free travel in public transport, free admission or significant discounts on visits to major attractions, discounts in many shops and restaurants.

If you want to learn about the main attractions of the city more than is written in the standard guidebooks, you can go on a sightseeing tour. In Berlin, there is the opportunity to visit one for free. Such tours last for several hours, and during this time you will be able to find out how the German capital lives. Often they are carried out by local residents who are happy to share secrets and tips that you cannot read in guidebooks and the Internet.

To try the famous German beer, go not to an expensive restaurant, but to a local pub, where they mostly serve only beer and snacks to it. This is where you will find the largest variety of varieties and low prices. In different regions of the country dishes can vary, the basis of German cuisine remains the same. No table in Germany is complete without meat products. Various sausages (the most famous Bavarian), sausages and wieners can be both an independent dish and an ingredient in the preparation of other dishes. Particularly successful is pork.

Berlin is a modern metropolis, the economic and cultural center of the EU, a city of contrasts. He is dynamic and diverse. The collections of galleries and museums of the city are beyond praise. Berlin clubs arrange the most fashionable parties, where new movements, styles, subcultures are born. Sunday is the official holiday, both clothing stores and grocery stores will be closed.

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