Sri Lanka tourism. Buddhist dagoba (stupa) in Golden Temple, Dambulla. Sri Lanka tours

Dambulla is a sacred pilgrimage site for Sri Lankan Buddhists

The Golden Temple of Dambulla (Dambulla Rajamaha Viharaya) was built in 2000

It features a 30-meter statue of Buddha and typical sculptures for a Buddhist sanctuary - meditating monks, elephants, and so on. Not far from the temple is a gilded stupa. The stupa is small, but shines brightly in the sun.

The Dambulla Golden Cave Temple is one of the main attractions and Buddhist shrines of Sri Lanka. Inside the five caves you will find 153 Buddha statues (many of them are more than 2000 years old), 3 statues of the kings of Sri Lanka, 4 statues of gods and goddesses, wall painting with a total area of over 2 thousand square meters.

In the far 1st century BC, the ancient king of Sri Lanka, Valagamba, was overthrown from the throne and expelled from Anuradhapura by invaders from South India. He took refuge in Dambulla and, after 14 years, having won his throne, the king thanked the monks who gave him shelter. The king invested money in the construction of a cave temple, turning the modest monastery into an impressive Buddhist shrine and place of pilgrimage for many thousands of Buddhists.

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Sri Lanka tourism. Buddhist dagoba (stupa) in Golden Temple, Dambulla. Sri Lanka tours.

From this small island, Buddhism penetrated into the countries of Southeast Asia, therefore it is Sri Lanka that Thais and Laotians owe their religion

The specificity of Buddhism is that it contains the features of the world religion of both the open system and the features of national religions - closed systems, which are used to be said that they can be "absorbed only with mother's milk". Historically, in Buddhism, two processes proceeded in parallel: the spread of great traditions in different countries (Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana), common for Buddhists around the world, on the one hand, - and the emergence of national forms of everyday religiousness dictated by specific living conditions and cultural reality, on the other.

State and national forms of Buddhism often became one of the most important factors in the ethnic identity of the people, as happened with the Thais, Newari, Kalmyks, Buryats, and to a lesser extent Tuvans. In polyethnic countries, for example, in Russia, Buddhism appears in all its diversity of traditions and schools as a world religion. It is about this property of Buddhism to clothe Great Traditions in various national cultural forms without losing the essence of the Teaching, Tibetans say that Buddha's Teaching is like a diamond, when it lies on a red background, it turns red, when on blue - blue, while the background remains and a diamond is the same diamond.

Sri Lanka is really a very individual place full of unique exotic and can give you a lot of real pleasure, but only with the right approach - it is very important to understand. For most ordinary tourists, Sri Lanka is stunning beaches, magnificent ancient buildings, an unforgettable vacation. The style of rest in Sri Lanka can be briefly defined as follows: away from the hustle and bustle, closer to the sea and nature. There is hardly a more "leisurely" country in the world than Sri Lanka: no one is in a hurry here, everyone enjoys life.

On a small, it would seem, island square there are not only amazing beaches, but also a lot of attractions. Eight of them are recognized by UNESCO, which in itself speaks of the value of these structures and attractions. Familiarity with the island for tourists often begins with Colombo - the first city that stands in the way of tourists after landing. There are examples of colonial architecture, and shady parks, but most importantly - many temples: Christian, Hindu, Muslim. The Church of St. Anthony is famous for its marble altar, the Cathedral of St. Lucius for its clever stucco, Katiresan for its multi-colored statues of Indian deities, and Gangaramaya for its own monastic school.

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