St-Petersburg travel. Smolny cathedral view through open drawbridge. Bolsheohtinskij bridge, St.Petersburg tours, Russia travel

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The Smolny Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is a magnificent and at the same time unusually elegant church, which is located on the left bank of the Neva, on the Smolny Embankment

According to legend, the daughter of Peter the First, Elizabeth wanted to get a haircut as a nun and chose for the monastery one of the most beautiful places on the banks of the Neva, where the palace stood where she spent her youth. The interior decoration was supervised by architect V. Stasov. The interior was simple, but had a solemn look. Now the Smolny Cathedral is a functioning temple, in which restoration continues inside. Of the relics of the old temple, the icons of Venetsianov, the "Resurrection of Christ" and the "Introduction of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple, are preserved.".

The Bolsheokhtinsky bridge across the Neva River connects the city center with one of the historical districts of St. Petersburg, Malaya Okhta. There are bridges in all cities built near rivers, but in St. Petersburg, they interconnect areas of the city located on different banks of the Neva. Towers that are an example of Romanesque architecture are installed on both sides of the drawbridge, and the bridging mechanisms are located inside. At the same time, the towers serve as lighthouses: they are crowned with lanterns illuminating the Neva at night. The height of each of them is 36 m from the water level. The bridge was opened on October 26, 1911 and received the name "Bridge of the Emperor Peter the Great". After the revolution, in 1918, renamed to Bolsheokhtenskiy.

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St-Petersburg travel. Smolny cathedral view through open drawbridge. Bolsheohtinskij bridge, St.Petersburg tours, Russia travel

Smolny Cathedral is one of the Baroque masterpieces designed by architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The construction of the temple began in 1748 by order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

St. Petersburg is a city of large rivers, small rivers and canals, through which bridges are thrown. Even those who have never visited St. Petersburg as a tourist will recognize him on postcards or paintings depicting magnificent bridges. Bolsheokhtinsky - the first of the bridges of the northern capital of Russia, on which both pedestrian and carriageways were built.

For tourists and guests of the city, the layout of bridges is an incredibly beautiful and exciting sight. Illuminated, rising to the night sky spans impress those who see this process for the first time. The Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg is located on the left bank of the Neva River, in the area of the Smolny Dvor, in the place where the resin was made for the manufacture of ships.

The temple is part of the architectural ensemble of the Smolny Monastery. Built in baroque style. The architecture of the ensemble organically combines elements of ancient Russian architecture and European architecture. In the exterior of the complex we see a combination of blue walls and white-stone modeling, which gives the monastery festivity and picturesqueness. The magnificent building of the temple is surrounded by four corner churches and residential buildings, the facades of which are decorated with bunk arcades. House churches have only one helmet dome, topped with a large dome with a cross and, as it were, built into the wall.

St. Petersburg, which is called the Northern Palmyra, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world. The elegant architecture of the city was created by Rastrelli, Trezzini, Voronikhin, Rossi, Alum, Quarenghi, Montferrand and other great masters. The combination of architecture from different eras and styles gives St. Petersburg a unique charm. The city has many attractions that will be interesting for the most demanding tourists.

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