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What kind of vacation should be considered successful?

First of all, vacation should be interesting for you

A change of scenery and a more comfortable environment positive impact on stress. When we stop always rushing off somewhere, we have more chances to enjoy what is happening: beautiful places, beautiful weather, amazing people around us. Be grateful for few quiet moments, try to learn how to relax, find positive in all situations and life will become more harmonious, and your health will be strong.

The desire to work is encouraged in almost all cultures. This is how a child is brought up from the very cradle. It is beneficial to large and small companies, focused on profit growth. "Work - and you will be happy." - this motto can be hung over the gates of many enterprises. But what does a person without leave literally feel like living his life in his favorite workplace? He begins to suffer from burnout syndrome. People of creative professions sooner or later face a crisis of new ideas. Creative logos are not invented by themselves, interesting topics for articles are not found, non-standard marketing techniques are not invented. Problems prevail, solutions are not. It's time to change the situation and outside the walls of the office to gain new impressions. And after that, with fresh thoughts, proceed to the old projects. Even those people who have nothing to do with creativity, during their holidays, ideas can come up for modernizing and improving the organization of work.

According to statistics on vacation, people often get sick and put their health at risk. In this case, the journey itself takes place in a mode that psychiatrists call an altered state of consciousness: excessive arousal, euphoria, and painful tensions. But costs, inconvenience and danger do not stop us. We go on vacation, on a trip. Traveling is a festive and carnival period of temporary lifting of your social taboos, indulging yourself and fulfilling your desires. On vacation, we not only set up holiday romance with ease, but also give up many financial restrictions. No wonder it is assumed that on vacation, we should not save.

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Starfish and cockleshells
Why do we feel tired after the holidays? We are returning home from vacation not at all "rested" and "full of strength", but other people who tried on a different life, disaccustomed to everyday duties. If it were not for this feeling of easy estrangement that we experience upon return, then there would be no point in traveling at all. When planning your vacation, first of all, think about yourself, and not about ideal holiday models with beautiful pictures seen in advertising. The decision about where to go on vacation should come from your personal needs and the needs of your family: why you need this vacation, and what will really help you regain your strength. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or tense - feel free to refuse this type of holiday, and find something really to your liking. Always leave one or two days to rest after the trip, before you go to work and get involved in everyday work. Too abrupt change in the situation can be so severe stress that the harm of such stress for the body will exceed the benefits of vacation.

Many people confuse tiredness, fatigue with low mood

Constant loads and the absence of a recovery period lead to many problems, both physically and psychologically. By saturating our day with new knowledge and impressions, we significantly lengthen our own perception of time. Remember your own childhood, when the world around was so full of new and unknown that it seemed as if time flows more slowly. Growing up, people begin to feel as if every day is very similar to another, and as if days are flying one by one, we don't have time to understand how the vacation is over and we need to go back to work.

Why do we love traveling so much? According to a number of studies, people who take the time to leave are happier than those who deny themselves rest. Moreover, the euphoria of new sensations continues some time after returning to work. In this regard, scientists advise if possible to take several short vacations during the year, rather than one long one. Why can't we miss a vacation? To avoid chronic fatigue.

Anthropologists consider tourist trips of modern man to be the secular equivalent of sacred festivals, which divided time in traditional cultures into two periods - the sacred time of the holiday and the ordinary time of daily duties. For us, time is also divided into everyday life, full of worries, and "real life", which we buy for ourselves at the cost of 11 months of hard work. We treat "holiday time" with different standards than ordinary days. We are ready to risk health and even life by trusting ourselves in airplanes, cruise ships or ski instructors. For us, the journey itself is akin to the ritual test of a hero, which in traditional cultures is the essence of any holiday.

Often our trips, especially foreign ones, are accompanied by a mass of impressions and events. We love to travel and explore new countries and cities. But it happens that active rest becomes excessive. In this case, our body does not have time to relax (in the case of physical activity), or there is a surplus of emotions, which in turn is stressful for the body. Emotional overload often occurs after sightseeing tours, when we have to visit five museums and ten more sights in one day, to be in time everywhere and see everything. And so a few days in a row.

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