Steller Sea Eagle - vacation travel photos. Environmental protection

Steller's sea eagle is one of the largest and most beautiful birds in the world, the largest representative of the falcon species

The average span of its wings is about 2.5 meters, a record one - 2 meters 83 centimeters. The mass of these feathered giants reaches 9 kg. It is among the ten largest predators of the world, along with a black vulture, a Filipino eagle (monkey eating), an Australian wedge-tailed eagle and a condor. If tourist activities coincide with vulnerable periods in the life cycle of a species, such as nesting, and if tourists approach animals at close distances to photograph or determine their species, animals may be disturbed.

The whole life of the Steller Eagle is closely related to the aquatic environment. Almost all nests are located at a distance of one and a half kilometers from the coast. Nests have a diameter of 1.6 meters and a height of one meter. During the breeding season, birds of prey inhabit the coast, in places where there are high cliffs with trees, and forest slopes alternate with bays, lagoons, estuaries of rivers.

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Steller Sea Eagle - vacation travel photos

Steller's sea eagle is named after German naturalist George Steller

In late autumn, when salmon die, eagles gather in hundreds of individuals on the banks of the river, satiating themselves with abundant food. Ecological travel, man and the environment.

Since water resources do not know state boundaries, recreational activities that are carried out both directly on them and outside of them can affect their quality in protected areas. The destruction of nature is currently happening so rapidly that people of one generation are already witnesses of this. Steller's sea eagle is protected in accordance with the bilateral agreements that Russia has concluded with Japan, the United States, the DPRK and Korea on the protection of migratory birds.

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