Steller Sea Eagle. Tourism and environmental protection, nature and people

In winter, residents of Vladivostok can observe this magnificent feathered predator right in the city

The naturalist of the First Kamchatka Expedition, Georg Steller, was the first to tell the world about the "colorful eagle of the weeping color"

Since then, in many countries, this big beautiful bird is known as the Steller's eagle. But in fact, sea eagle are not real eagles. By nature, they are rather fishermen and scavengers than active predators, which is immediately noticeable in the structure of their paws.

During the hunt, the birds circle over the reservoir, and having found fish, they quickly decline and try to catch prey. The eagle, often keen on hunting, in the pursuit of fish, is immersed in water, but then easily takes off from the surface of the water. Do not touch the birds of prey. Most predator birds are beneficial by eliminating agricultural pests and infection carriers. In no case do not allow the ruin of their nests, do not disturb the chicks.

Birds of prey bring considerable benefits to nature and man. Their main merit is that they destroy the weak and sick animals, improving the population of their victims. The predator always prefers to attack with something distinguished individual, it attracts all the unusual, not only features of behavior, but also coloring.

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Steller Sea Eagle

This rare bird is listed in the Red Books of Russia and the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Steller's eagle lives on the shores along the Sea of Okhotsk. It is found on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the north of Siberia. Starting in the fall, Steller's sea eagles descend to the south, towards Ussuri River, to the northern part of Sakhalin Island, and also to Japan and Korea, where they await the end of an unfavorable season. In some cases, natural tourism has a direct impact on wildlife.

So, often avid tourists purposefully seek to meet with rare or exotic species of animals. For example, birdwatchers are actively competing to register the largest number of bird species in the shortest period of time. At the same time, the desire to mark more rare bird species leads to the invasion of hundreds of visitors to their habitats.

Humanity, since the most ancient times, throughout the entire period of its development until the formation of modern civilization is constantly under the influence of the environment, which in our time is in dire need of protection. The development of nature tourism in protected areas may have negative consequences. Go from gun hunting to bloodless photo hunting. Tourists photographers know that it is harder and sportier than the first, and its trophy is more honorable and more durable.

Many species of birds of prey in large numbers destroy dangerous pests of agriculture: mouse-like rodents, insects, etc. Species that feed on animal corpses play the role of "orderlies" in nature. A person tries to use some species of falcon-like to discourage birds from orchards, vineyards, airfields. Since ancient times, man tamed falcons, hawks and eagles and used them for hunting. Falconiformes and owls need protection, in particular, the prohibition of hunting for them.

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