England travel. A view of the ancient stone circle Stonehenge. England tours

Stonehenge: the unsolved mystery of the millennia

Stonehenge is one of the most popular and most visited British tourist attractions

The name is translated from Old English as "hanging stones". This place has been explored by archaeologists for many years, but the mystery remains unsolved, despite the abundance of more or less plausible versions. In the center of the structure is the Altar stone, which is surrounded by five pairs of stones with triliths (jumpers at the top). These stones form a "horseshoe", facing the open side to the east. A ring of blue stones surrounds the horseshoe. Next is another stone ring having a diameter of 33 meters. It is surrounded by two rows of holes. Another circle of holes is located closer to the Earthen wall.

Looking at the well-known romantic pictures, you might think that gray-haired Stonehenge towers somewhere in splendid isolation, forgotten by everyone and immersed in their own thoughts. In fact, this place is quite lively. Only 2 hours away separates it from the metropolis of London, the city of Salisbury, not far from it, and literally a hundred meters away passes the highway, which tourists endlessly come.

In different historical eras, various nations of the Earth erected huge buildings of large stones, blocks and slabs. The temple in Baalbek and the Egyptian pyramids are also megaliths, it's just not customary to call them that. Thus, megalithic structures are various structures created by different ancient civilizations and consisting of large stones or slabs.

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England travel. A view of the ancient stone circle Stonehenge. England tours.

It is difficult to find a person who did not hear about Stonehenge or did not see him in pictures or photos

This is one of the most ancient, strange and amazing structures on our planet. This stone complex consists of 83 five-ton megaliths, 30 stone blocks (each weighing about 25 tons) and five huge 50-ton stones. The stones are located on the site with a diameter of about 100 meters, surrounded by a moat and Earthen wall. Using the radiocarbon method, we found out that the ramparts and the moat were dug out about 5 thousand years BC.

From time to time, huge crowds of modern "druids", magicians and other characters who do not find themselves in everyday reality gather here. Everyone wants to see firsthand one of the stone wonders of the world, the most unsolved human mystery - Stonehenge. Every time you find yourself at the ring of giant stone monoliths in the valley of the Avon River, you feel like a speck of dust in the whirlpool of time.

Stone blocks differ in material from each other. This is not particularly noticeable in the video and photo of Stonehenge, but near to you it will be absolutely obvious that the stones are heterogeneous. Especially distinguished blue stones, acquiring a characteristic color in the rain. Stacked stone arches point to the sides of the world. Therefore, according to one theory, in ancient times this structure was used as an observatory.

What is megalith? The word "megalith" is Greek, meaning "big stone." There is no exact and exhaustive definition of what megaliths are. Today, this concept refers to ancient structures made of stone blocks, slabs or simple blocks of various sizes without using any cementing or bonding compositions and solutions. The simplest type of megalithic structures consisting of only one block is menhirs.

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